36" Nimbus Nightfox

My 11 year old daughter loves her 36" Nimbus Nightfox, Her 9 year old brother is almost tall enough to reach the 110mm hole of her 110/127 Spirit cranks. He is getting tired of spinning his 20" Club trying to keep up. I wanted to hold out until she is tall enough for a 36" Oracle but he is having none of it. He wants a Nightfox. And who could blame him. Her’s is nice. I’ll list the goodies below and say the addition of any or all of these components would prompt me to pay more.

36" Nimbus Nightfox
Vee Rubber off-road 36" tire (a.k.a. The Todd)
Nimbus Stealth 2 Dominator rim (standard) in bright green or black. don’t care. awesome rim!
D brake and all steel Oracle internal disc hub.
Nimbus Shadow Handle (standard)
Bengal disc brake (standard on the Oracle)
KH Zero saddle (which I promptly stole for my KH36) she’s happy with a ghetto flat KH Fusion Freeride.
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