36" Nimbus - Manchester

Reluctantly selling my 36" Nimbus =(, it’s a fair few years old but only covered 400 miles. Not entirely sure of how much it’s worth now so could someone please let me know a price I should expect, I am selling elsewhere and have had a few queries.

The price range will vary quite a bit depending on the person. Looks like a square tapered hub, coker button tire, can’t tell the rim but I don’t see eyelets, so I’m going with maybe before the stealth? The KH saddle is a big plus. Probably somewhere around $300-$400 would be where I would put it if it was kept in an air-conditioned area away from moisture, the tire was in good shape, and the wheel is true and tight. If it’s got some dry rot or needs some work, about $250. Looks like it’s in good shape from the pic though. It’s hard to say with an older wheel. : ) Only you know what it’s worth to you. The closest new thing you can compare it to now is a nimbus titan.