36" Nightrider tire on sale

I just noticed this. Nightrider 36" tire at UDC (US) for $68. Haven’t seen the price that low before, so I thought I’d pass it along. (Mine still has a lot of tread on it, but I might pick up a spare now while the price is good.)


Sooooo, do you have a review?

Would you recommend this tire to others based on your experience? Why or why not?

Well, as I see it, there aren’t a lot of options in the 36" category. There’s the Walt Works, but I haven’t ridden it, and my understanding is that it’s mainly for off-road. There are also the Coker models, but I haven’t seem much about them, user-review-wise. I get the impression that the Nightrider is kind of the “gold standard.” Maybe I’m wrong?
I like the Nightrider well enough. The common complaint is that it’s too heavy, and I can’t argue with that. It does feel like there’s a fair amount of mass to spin. I did my longest ride to date on it yesterday – 30 miles – and while it’s a great road tire (in my opinion), I’m really tempted to put a lightweight Foss tube in it. By the time I got down to the last couple miles it felt like I was pushing a lot of weight. I think the weight makes the maneuverability suffer somewhat as well. This is very subjective. I’m sure there are others that have no problems with the handling. Personally, I wouldn’t want to ride it in “difficult” (crowded) conditions. It tracks real well, on a variety of surfaces. (My ride yesterday included about a half-mile of horse trail, and it did very well, except for a section of fairly deep sand, which brought me to a screeching halt.)
Wearability is good. I bought the uni (a Coker) used, and this tire was on it. I’ve put several hundred miles on it (not sure exactly, I don’t usually keep exact track of mileage), but the tire still looks essentially the same as when I got it. So no complaints there. But it would be nice if it were a little less expensive, hence my thought that others might be interested in the sale price. It would be nice if there were a few more options out there.

I assume you’re trolling? :smiley:

More precision casting; I caught the answer I was looking for. People generally go to a review section of a website to see whether a product is good or not.

I don’t have enough experience with the Nightrider tire to give a review myself.

I’ve had really good luck with the Walt Works Vee Rubber tire on the road. It certainly wears quicker than the Nightrider (I put a couple thousand miles on mine and it still looks fairly new) but, the way I look at it, that just makes “The Todd” lighter still. Paired with a FOSS tube on a Dominator Stealth 2 rim, it is a great set up. As not to totally threadjack this Nightrider review thread, I will say the ONLY reason I switched was for the savings in rotational weight.

I’m not experienced enough to know one 36er tire versus another, but I will say that the Nightrighder tire on the Nimbus rim I got on my uni was not a good choice for tubeless. I got it to set up just fine and hold air, but had it blow off the rim twice on me. “Fortunately”, both times were while I was not riding the uni. Unfortuantely, both times I was standing right next to it, inside and the ringing in my ears lasted slightly longer than the amount of time it took to clean the sealant up that got blown all over me and the room. :angry:

Just for perspective, I have now set up dozens of tires tubeless, and have only ever had this problem once with a tire/rim combo that was a known problem in the Mtb world. It could be that I just got a bad tire/rim pair where they were both off-spec in the “wrong” way. Or, it could be that the nightrider/nimbus rim is a problem for tubless. Just be careful if you do it.

Love this tyre, but personally it is a little heavy, thread is great!