36 Nightrider Knobby

It turned out to be too hot in the middle of the day for a ride, so with a shiney new craft knife in hand I started work on project Nightrider Knobby :stuck_out_tongue:

I removed every second outer knobby on both sides. Sure is a lot of those suckers on a Nightrider! Will go around with the Dremel next and clean it up a bit.

Sure makes the XC 36 look pretty mean :astonished:

So how many grams removed do you think all those knobbies removed came to?!



My guess is 78g.

Are you planning on cutting into the center portion or just the edges?

heya Eric, close - 75grams!

Not sure how much else I’ll cut out yet, will ride for a while like this and see how it goes. I’d probably leave the centre tread alone and remove every 2nd block alternating either side of the centre.

Tricky thing is how to cut those additional blocks out cleanly, but weight wise I think it’d easily be 200 grams lighter all up.

Does look cool though! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm…interesting. Does it give better grip and grab?

And good job on the guessing, Eric.

It was a semi-educated guess based on my previous cutting of a TA.

There are a few people who have cut nightrider tires on 36" bikes but this is the first one on a unicycle that I have seen so far. Hopefully this inspires others to break out the exacto knives. :slight_smile:

I love it when people modify their gear to make it closer to what they want as opposed to just sticking with what people sell.