36 Muni

Thanks John. All your answers jive with what I have learned in the last few months:

150s still seem too short, and I rode 170s, but currently settled on 165mm cranks (actually 165/137 duals, so I can switch to 137 if I have to cover some non-technical distance).

That’s what I’ve been doing with tire pressure and I know that well from years of freeride mountain biking. The 36 tire seems to have more volume than it looks like, so I can go pretty low (no pinch flat to date),

As far as I know I have the old one (bought it in March 2014 from Municyle.com Germany). But that’s not stopping me from doing Muni on it. I haven’t followed it, but I got the impression that’s it’s not that the aluminum spindle can’t handle Muni, but rather just that the CrMo one is stronger so a better choice over the long run (at the cost of a few grams). If I could chnage it easily I would, but it’s probably not simply a matter of pulling it out and installing another spindle, but probably necessary to buy a new hub. Thus, I will not upgrade unless I have to (i.e. it breaks).

I guess it depends a lot on the trails. I just spent last weekend in the Alps doing lift-assisted mountain biking and I got in two great Muni Downhill rides on my 24. These were super technical super steep trails that are too difficult for the average mountain biker rider on a full suspension enduro bike with 160mm of travel (they ride the easier trails). I rode most of the downhill and had a great time on the 24. However, I can hardly imagine doing it on a 36, mainly because of what you’re saying about dismounting and hurting yourself.

That said, on my semi-technical up-and-down XC trails I am getting much more comfortable on the 36 so that I can do both uphill and downhill. Sure, I wouldn’t want to try a long half-hour offroad uphill at >10% grade but then I wouldn’t try that on my 24 either. But for short uphills I almost find it easier on the 36 as I can use momentum (on the 24 I have to star from zero and crank the whole way).

Have fun with the 29er!

So after three months of a lot of unicycling but entirely without my 36 (didn’t take it on my 3-month trip but had a 29 and 26) I rode again today. I was pleased that much of what I learned riding the 29 and 26 sizes transferred directly to the 36. In particular, I really improved my uphill climbing and my steep rolling up and down (particularly on the wooden structures around Seattle and Whistler). I made it up 4-5 uphills that I previously had to walk. I was really pleased to ride a steep down and subsequent up (probably about 8 feet down and 8 feet up both at >15%). I just approached it the same as some of the rolling up and down wood structures I did on the 26. It is of course way harder to do drops and such than on the smaller wheels. Also, as the diameter is so much greater I seemed to often have the pedals in an unfavorable position (on the 26 it’s pretty simple on most drops to get lined up well enough).

As in the past, about the only thing I really hate about 36 muni is the low-hanging branches in the face: on a pretty difficult downhill (on the 36 at least) I was doing great and totally concentrating, made it down the first steep section, made the switchback and was then looking ahead to the next steep section and suddenly wham! I get ripped off the unicycle by a branch across my upper lip. Man that really hurt as it scraped across as it ripped my from my high perch!

Heading out for another 36 muni ride tomorrow!!

Wow, I havent had such bad experience , of being caught by surprise,
at least not yet. Ouch !

For me, i dont feel so tall on it 'cause Im really not tall, and Ive learned to duck nearly to knee level. For me, its quite exciting of a challenge to duck branches. On the occasion, I get swiped by some pine tree needles, but it feels good:D


Black, blue, red and purple!

Thanks Brianna, the small diameter purple post fitted! !

Whoohooo got my Zero in today. Took 15 min ride around, enough to notice differences comparing with the Freeride.

Definitely a more advanced rider saddle. Narrower, flatter, less contouring. Definitely “feels” like less control, but I’m sure something that can be gotten used to.
Very nice is the disappearance of the thigh rub, also is the annoying male part rub, when leaning forward Thats a very big plus.
Though, I did notice more of a sit bone pressure.
Too soon to comment but I will take longer rides and comment. Without handlebar to get used to it, then with handlebar.
So far so good!!! Liking it!!

arg. my pst got butchered and below is just the end :frowning: oh well, I said I have a Zero but have only ridden it on the road with a handlebar and not offroad as I didn’t feel confident enough on the 36 with the handlebar between my legs. But my try it some day

It was really cool, as I actually passed as many bikers as passed me, but I think it’s because there were mostly casual riders and vacationers here as pretty much all the locals are somewhere else on vacation right now (last 2 weeks in Bavaria are vacation time). But there were at least 3 groups of cyclists that I kept playing leap frog with: they would pass as I took a break, then I would catch up as they decided where to ride, then I took another break and so on. And a bunch of times they pulled over to let me pass!! That’s pretty much a first for me on a muni!

I dont think I took a butcher’s knife to it did I ? Oh well :slight_smile:

Anyhow, this is just my thoughts on the KH Zero. Two days on trying to take it for the distance.
Painful. There is only one way to ride this saddle. Leaning forward so you can get off the sit bones. But the instant you try to sit up more verically, you instantly feel it. For the first time I actually know what it is to sit on my “sit” bones. I dont know how some of you guys can bare it, relaxed and sitting vertically. I am agreeing with David Hood, it is outright painful.
Besides that, if I lean much, much forward as if I had a handlebar on I’d be ok, but still I cant go back to the vertical relax position, a huge and major negative.
I cant imagine taking this too less of a cushion of a saddle out to muni, because it would require me to sit more straght with the occasional only slightly forward in muni. I feel a lot of pinch from the plastic edge of the seat. For me, definitely needs more cushion and less thickness of the plastic.The flat and slim design is ok but I dont think my butt is actually even resting on the back broad of the saddle.
Perhaps the Fusion Freeride is good, just little less curve and little less cushion up in front.:wink:

A great 36er ride on Sunday and another awesome ride today! Today’s ride was almost 4 hours and 29km! Muni is such a tiring total body workout and the 36 even more so! I cleared an off-camber sideways log drop for the first time Sunday and again today!!

Today I rode with WolfT on a geared 26 and it was really evident how much better the 36 rolls over stuff!! He’s a great rider, but I managed to ride some stuff (e.g. rooty stuff and up-and-down) just because the bigger wheel rolls so well.

I got some good encouragement/advice and rode a couple of pretty steep up-and-down sections for the first time! It was great to ride my local trails with someone else!

WolfT was trying to convince me to put the handlebar back on for more pushing power uphill but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that on the 36 yet. But maybe soon I’ll give it a try…

36 Muni is so much fun!