36" KH Schlumpf Stolen

My 36" KH Schlumpf(# 252) got stolen tonight if anyone sees it or meets anyone who want to sell it please tell me(Ivo.ackermann@gmx.at)

Ah no!!! that’s really unlucky :frowning:
hope you find it soon! :(:frowning:

That’s terrible it would help to know where you live.

I Live in Austria(Viena)…for all who don’t know…its the second 36" Schlumpf that got stolen in viena…

What i don’t unerstand is what do they do with it?

Yeah there isnt much of a resale and you know that they dont know how to ride and there not going to learn. I hate this thievery. I’m sorry about your loss :frowning:

That’s terrible. Was the unicycle stolen as well?

the unicycle together with the hub…

Dang, that really sucks. I hope you can get it back somehow. You should call the police immediately if you didn’t by now. Good luck, bro.

It’s just like steeling the Mona Lisa, they can’t sell it just adore it!
Didn’t know that Austria was full of ‘that kind of people’, (sorry to say so)
Hope it will return undamaged!!!

hope it will return (the undamaged part is only secondary)…

just want to keep it alive…its important!

Will give your post another kick to keep it out there. Hope you get your Uni back.

Dude, that sucks, I’ll be praying u get it back safely.