36 inner tube change

I have had a Foss tube in the 36 for a few years. Last week, I got a puncture. I repaired it that evening. The next day, it was completely flat.

I took the tyre off today and found that the tube had completely shredded. I suspect I may have nipped it when putting the tyre back on.

I had an old 29 tube in the bits box and that went on easily. It took full pressure (around 50 psi for now) and would take my weight as I was idling on the driveway.

Hopefully that is a problem sorted cheaply.

Disappointed to have lost the Foss tube, though. They make a real difference to the smoothness of the ride.

The completely shredded Foss tube kind of sounds like the tire popped off the rim and the tube blew out the opening.

My 36" Nightrider tire fits very loose on the Nimbus Stealth rim. I can remove and install the tire very easily with no tools and I have to very carefully center the tire on the rim when installing the tire. I work around the rim and make sure that the bead position is uniform all the way around the wheel with just a very low pressure before fully inflating the tire. Once fully inflated the tire seems to hold its position well.

I also had a flat on my 36" The first one, also a Foss tube. As it was too cumbersome to leave the frame on the wheel and then pulling the tube around in my bucket of water, I decided to unscrew the frame.
Because for me it is always luck when the first fix sticks, I was happy to see the tire still being hard the next day.
Also I thought it was easier to but the outer tire off than on with the tire levers.
I didn’t experience any shreddedness of the tube.

I’m pretty confident I must have nipped the tube between the bead and the rim. Clumsy.

I checked today. The 29er tube has gone down in 24 hours.

A project for when I get back from my holiday.