36 inchers

ok so i think i wanna buy a 36 inch uni for riding to school and such but i was wondering what everyones thought were on then nd which one was best as i have no prior experience. thanks for everything

Can you ride a unicycle?
What size uni?
How tall are you?
How far away is school?
What are the roads/sidewalks like?

opps yea i can ride a uni well
i currently ride a 20 incher
im 6 foot 1" roughly
2 km
regular sidewalks and roads mostly uphill the way there and mostly downhill the way back

For 2km I think it’s pretty cumbersom to carry around for such a short distance. If it were me I would just get a 29er or something. They’re cheaper, more convenient, easier on hills and you could get a kh 29er for about the same price as a coker or there are many many options for less expensive 29ers.

Do you have opportunities to ride longer distances and does that interest you?
There’s nothing like a 10 mile spin on a 36.

um yea i’d have opportunities but i’d just like it to get around to my friends houses to the movie store, starbucks, school and places of the such

Maybe a 29er would be better then. Cokers are impressively large!

I say go straight for the 36. I got a 29er, and I am still not happy with my avg speed when going long distances. I’m still gonna get a 36"…and when I get it i’ll probably never ride the 29 again.

A 29er is already huge, a 36 won’t be much of a difference. Besides, you’ll be locking it up outside when you go to school won’t you?

A 29er would suit that better than a 36er.

A 36er is like driving a Mack truck. Not very maneuverable. Not the best for tight quarters, getting around on sidewalks, or short errands to the stores.

A 29er is more like driving a sporty sedan. Maneuverable, nimble, and fast enough for short trips and a good amount of fun.

If I was looking for a unicycle to ride at college or a similar environment I’d get a 29er. A Coker (or 36er) would be the wrong uni for that.

aww but i rode a 29er at my local bike shop and it was boring lol not much change from my 20incher. I hopped right on it and had no problem riding it first try. i’d like a challenge and speed :smiley: plus i got a whole wad of paper route tips ($410 and still comming) that i was saving up for a new uni. And everyone on here is always sayin how much fun their 36ers are. i feel left out:( lol

would it really be that impractical to ride around how i have preiviously stated? it cant be that less manuverable and i like the speed of a bike to get around but if this was fast and COMFY i’d stop riding my bike around

i know its not any of your guys’ decisioin and your jsut giving your great advice but i didnt think it’d be that impractical to ride around town casually.

I love my 36er, my daughter (16) loves her 29er. Neither of us would change. I ride 3.2 km each way to work on the road (bumpy surface, fast commute), she rides on sidewalks (more maneouverable, shorter trips).

I’d say it’s all personal preference, but if I HAD to recommend one to you now based on what you have written, I’d suggest the 29er.

Good luck on the choice.

For rides of 2km and less, a 36" is overkill. If function is your primary concern. If you want size and shock value, definitely go for the Nimbus 36er! Today’s 36ers are great at cruising, but are definitely less maneuverable than smaller wheels, even a 29". A lot of this has to do with the weight of the 36" tires + rims, where there are much lighter options available for the smaller sizes.

To everyone saying to choose carefully, I pose the following question: Why get a 29” frame when a 36” will accept both wheel sizes? The only detriment would be having to make sure that all the wheels used with it had the wider hub, right?

Sounds like you already know what you want, so why are you asking? :slight_smile:

Although since you did, I’d say for the type of riding you do (and know real indication you want to do longer distances for the sake of doing them), I’d go for the Nimbus 29" with a Big Apple tire. Get you some fast road ride for the 2 to 5 to 10 mile range, and change back in your pocket from that $410 you’ve saved.

Interesting mix of Imperial and Metric measures.

Not necessarily - most steel 36" frames can be bent in enough to accomodate a standard hub. Unicycle.uk.com even has a page with instructions on how to do it. Probably not a good idea to bend your frame in and out every day, though.

Or you could get an original Coker with an icky narrow hub.

Yeah, I would go with the wider hub for everything. The whole idea behind that cool Nimbus 36er frame is for it to be stiff, not bendy.

Make the wide hub be the new standard. No point in offering the narrow hub on a unicycle of any size, when even the weight savings is negligible, right?

The two 36" unicycles which Unicycle.com produce both indeed have the wide hub as standard. (Nimbus 36 and UDC 36") 36" unis built with narrow hubs suffer from weak flexy wheels. The reason the first generation of 36ers came with narrow hubs is that there were no wide hubs available at the time, rather than for the purposes of saving weight. If you wanted one you had to make it yourself. This is how I got my first wide Suzue hub.

I think if you have some serious $$$ then this might be your pick. http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=734

But if you don’t have serious $$$ then this is what i think might be good choices:

If you want some serious commuters: :smiley:

  • 48" This is probably the ultimate commuter and costs $549us. Even though there’s a 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • 43" This one is $600us and is pretty good, considering it is a semcycle.

This is my prefered choices: :slight_smile:

  • 36" Be a one of the best unicycles to get if you want to get some good long distance commuting.
  • 29" This is ideal for those who can’t afford the 36" but want a good commuter.

Hoped that helped somehow Sir Falloffalot. I try to think outside the square. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Well, it does seem like you’ve got your heart set on a 36er, so I’m sure that’s what you’re going to buy.

However, I’d agree with most of the other suggestions of getting a 29. I’ve been riding one on an 8 mile commute through London for the last 12 months and it is fantastic for commuting. It’s also a sensible size for taking on the train or coach when I’m needing to get to places further away and easy to store. It weighs a fraction of a Coker, so isn’t cumbersome to lug about.

I’d really love a 36er too, and will probably get the new Nimbus one soon. However, I can’t justify it for getting to work and back. I think my 29" will still be just as quick through traffic, and probably a lot safer too. I’ve done several 20+ mile rides on the 29 (including a 45 mile trip), which is where I’m sure the larger wheel will come in to its own. But for a couple of Ks to school and back, it would be overkill.