36 inch wheel with tyre and cranks.

  • New nimbus ISIS hub
  • Nimbus stealth rim
  • Nightrider tyre
  • 110/127mm dual KH cranks
  • Kpro Stimulatorz pedals

Wheel with tire (no cranks) 175, euro
Cranks with pedals 50, euro

I would DEFINITELY be down, but I don’t have the money, especially because the shipping would be INSANE. Hahaha. I really wish I had the money to snatch this before someone else.


What would shipping be to 87123

is it possible to ship it to liechtenstein?


Hallo Rene,

Heb je het wiel nog? Cranks heb ik niet nodig.
En heb je de 36" vork nog?
Ik kan hem eventueel ophalen, ik werk vaak in Arnhem (woon in Hengelo)




haha, net een KH36 gekocht!

shit, nu zie ik pas de datum van je bericht! grtzzzz

would you send it to austria, and if yes, how much would it cost?

EDIT: read to late that its allready sold, sry