36 inch wheel - Short legs?

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I am new to the forum:)

Just wondered if I could get some advice. I am fairly new to unicycling currently riding a Nimbus 26" Muni.

I would like to start road riding and would like to go for the biggest wheel possible, 36" I think. The problem is I am 5’ 4" with an inside leg measurement of 29". Most 36" models quote inside leg measurements longer than this.

Is it possible to modify any models by reducing the length of not only the seat post but also the seat tube? There seems to be potential for reducing the seat tube on some models, not sure how this would affect strength, ride etc. Are there any bespoke manufacturers that can produce a model for smaller riders? Anyone with any experience of my problem?

Really appreciate any advice. Insults about my height also accepted.


i too have a shortage of leg lognth, I found i could not ride one at all.
There are adjustable frames about, someone who knows more about this then me will pipe up soon enough, i just didn’t want to miss the opportunity of writing lognth.

the other option is a geared hub, but that is pricey.

first off, welcome to the forum : )

I have heard of people cutting down the frame, but not by much on a 36er. The nightrider frame seat tube is only about 4 inches, and it has a lip where it widens. I wouldn’t cut it down more than an inch or so. then you’d still have to cut a new notch.

You can use a standard seatpost (something that bolts directly to the seat, but offers little adjustments) which will cut some height off. You can also get a slimmer saddle, like the new KH or the Impact.

Honestly though I think you’ll be fine. I’m 5’8" with a 30" inseam (maybe 31" if I’m generous) and I have at least a good 3 inches until the seat would be on the frame, so even if my measurements are off you should be alright. : ) You’ll definitely have to cut down the seat post, a pipe cutter and a file works nicely. (when you use a pipe cutter it widens the tube slightly so I just filed the edges down so it fit properly again.)

Hope that helps Shorty McShortstuff : P

oh, one more thing, 125 mm cranks instead of 150. . . . they make it hard to ride for a beginner, but it’s either that or : ( a 29er

Short persons Coker/36"er. Questions
36 for a short guy
Coker Big One Custom Powder Coated Pink

The main sticking point is the frame. For instance, the Kris Holm frame has a longer neck than the Cokers (I believe). Shorter cranks will make it harder to learn but easier to fit. I had to cut both of my seat posts but that’s pretty standard for all except the tallest riders (depending on frame and starting seat post length).

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hey Davy, welcome to the forums. At 5’4" you should be fine, but if you do need to modify a frame the Coker Big One is probably the easiest to get the shortest.

Also stay away from the forged or adjustable KH seatpost since you can’t drop them all the way down.

If you start with 125mm cranks and a thin saddle that will also give you a lot more leeway. 125s can be a bit scary at first but are a great size for general road riding.

wheres roger he’ll know the awanser ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Guys

Thanks for all you help and rapid response. Based on your responses am I right in thinking that Coker is the brand offering the best chance for a smaller rider? Are the Big One and V2 the same dimensions? Any thoughts on one over the other? Are Coker available in the UK without personal import?

Living in the Peak District in the UK which is quite hilly I would like to go for 150 cranks if possible.

Any thoughts?


what he means is the coker is eaiser to cut down at the frame because of its design not that its a shorter frame . if you want a shorter frame tube youll have to get out the hack saw an dcut it down but a guy your size wont need to really

Crank length makes a surprising (at least to me) difference in how low/high you can put the seat.
I don’t ride a 36er, but I do have a 29er, and one thing I noticed is that what you lack in leverage from shorter cranks on a big wheel, you make up for in momentum. In other words, the rotational momentum of the tire can carry you further through the “dead zone”, so that you’re only pushing when the cranks are more-or-less horizontal.
I don’t know if that made any sense at all, but as an example, I can almost climb the same hills on a 29’er with 125mm cranks as I can on my 24" with 150mm cranks, simply because the wheel keeps rolling some after I stop pushing.

go for the big one, it’s MUCH lighter and plenty tough for what you need (and probably easier to cut down) The V2 is the heaviest 36er on the market, and arguably not the strongest (though it’s definitely the strongest frame)

What? no no no.

Besides you are in the UK and getting Coker here is rediculious. They also are not designed for small people at all. Give me a call and I will sort you out. It is sort of my speciality. Not everyone is oversized you know!

One of my favourate discussions with Kris is “that design wont work, I can’t ride it!”


theres our man :smiley:

Okay Guys!

Thanks again for all your help, definitely got a few more points to consider, but at least now I have some more knowledge to base any decision on.

Thanks to tobbogonist, juggleaddict, waaalrus, saskatchewanian and brent for welcoming me to the forum and taking your time to help me out.

rogeratunicycledotcom. Why do you think it is ridiculous to get a Coker to the UK? Is it carriage, import duty etc, or another reason. What models would you recommend based on the my size and riding requirements discussed above?


roger runs unicycle.com and there wherehouse is uk based they also dont stock cokers. coker only ships really ships to the US and the trouble you have to go to to get one is not worth it they end up being so expensive it becomes not worth it especially for what you get
as for a uni i would reccomend somthing like this http://www.unicycle.uk.com/unicycles/road-24-36/36-udc-unicycle.html
or more soicifically that ! if you find its too big cut down the frame ( the bit the seat post goes into ) and cutr a new groove into it it will be perfect for you
but if you are really worried that it will be to big ( which it wont ) then go for this http://www.unicycle.uk.com/unicycles/road-24-36/nimbus29blackisis.html
i ride one of those and its great and you will deffiently with no modifications fit that but you will fit a 36 im tellin you !

A 36" Nimbus will work fine! I had cut one down for my ex-wife (she was 5’2" or something around there…or so…I think). All you have to do is cut about 1" off the seat post tube, and potentially re-notch it.

I cut down my KH36 about 1" for myself (I’m 5’6"). You could probably go a little shorter than what I did, but it might be too big for you with 150s. With 125s it would be fine.


Welcome, I hope you are able to get a 36er you are happy with, calling and speaking to Roger would probably be very useful, I’m sure he will give you decent advice.
The Coker box is huge and I think shipping is probably expensive due to the size of the package,even within the states it’s costly.

I’m 5’2" with a 28 or 29 inseam and the Coker is fine after I cut the frame down. I ride with both 150 and/or 125 cranks, I don’t have much leeway with 150s but the 150s is what I ride with most.

As saskatchewanian mentioned stay away from the newer KH36er since you can’t drop down all the way down.

Strictly for I formational purposes I’m putting my link of my Coker so you can see how it looks, this set up is with 150s. it’s my second season running it using the 150 cranks, if I was running with my 125s I’d prob be able raise the
seat a little. The last picture is basically so people could see the way I did the frame and how it looks, I hope this helps.


I will mention that the shadow handle setup with a KH slim saddle is particularly low profile. I have this setup on my KH with 150 cranks. My inseam is about 33.5", and I have 1.5" showing on the seat post, so I could take it down to 32" inseam with 150 cranks by dropping the seat all the way down. By using 125 mm cranks you could loose another inch, and get to 31" inseam. These measurements are all with a current KH 36" frame.

The only other frame I have around is a 36" Triton. The seat frame is significantly lower than a KH, probably by about 1-3/4". For 150 cranks and the same saddle I have, you could probably get the inseam measurement down to 30-1/4" using 150 cranks and no frame modification.

I hope these numbers are useful for you.


Keep in mind that you want an actual measurement from your crotch to the ground wearing shoes. You could check the number on your current 26" unicycle my measuring the distance from the top of the pedal to the top of the seat when the pedal is fully extended. This is the measurement you want to compare with the “inside leg measurement” quoted at a unicycle store.

Good luck with your 36" purchase.

(I am 5’ 7" with an inseam measurement (described above) of 33.5". I suspect your measurement is a bit longer than 29".)