36 inch uni's that aren't Cokers?

Are there any commercially available 36 inch uni’s other than Cokers? They seem to be in short supply. Preferably one that I wouldn’t have to build from parts ordered from 4 different places…


I think UDC still have all the parts to build a 36er. The new Nimbus 36 due out soon looks really nice (fancy Hunteresque frame), but you can buy all the parts to build a “normal” framed 36er now as far as I know.


Qu-Ax 36" unicycle.

Might wanna call up Dave Stockton or look at livewire unicycles and see if you can get a coker form there, that way youll be getting some of the strongest cokers ever built. =p

EDIT: I just looked at Cokers site, and it says they still have the big one for sale. Here.

I haven’t seen those, link please



Are these available anywhere in the United States? Only saw it on the UDC UK site.


But that’s the whole fun of it.

There was a “sneak preview” when Roger rode one in the Warwick City Centre races. If you find the thread for that race and look at the pictures, you can just see it (it’s blue as far as I remember).


Isn’t there something called the Radial 36"?

I’m pretty sure they’re just like cokers but come stock with a different seat.

Found the pic of Roger on the new nimbus.

From the little detail I can see in the pic, looks very much like a Hunter. Is it powdercoated steel? Could put a hurtin’ on ole Rick if it’s decent quality and relatively inexpensive.


Are these available anywhere in the United States? Only saw it on the UDC UK site.


I think it’s CrMo, not sure, the handles will be. It’s powdercoated with a laser etched nimbus logo, it’s quite like the hunter frame, but less expensive. From what I’ve seen of the prototype at Unicon it’s a very good frame.

There’s a few brands:

Most shops don’t have the 36ers on stock, so e-mailing the shop-owner in question would be a good idea, I’ve just checked and the Big One deluxe is available on unicycle.com now, it’s a very good unicycle for a decent price.

The new Nimbus 36 will available soon… It is twin tube CrMo frame, machined bearing houseings, CrMo hub with decent bearings!, radial tyre, powder coated frame, magura brake mounts and comes with rail bracket handle and gel saddle. We are still checking them and they should be available on Monday or Tuesday. You will also be able to get the frames and handles separately if you should want.

The frame is based on the Blizard not the hunter, it has a wider frame angle and triangular section linking the rear hoop.


available in the US?

In the U.S. ? Pricing info?


will these be available in Australia?

i got my koxx cranks a while ago Roger, they look great and no problems! thanks for it, i hope to buy from you again.

How about a capital “H” for Hunter, Roger dear, especially since as a sales professional, you are in theory covering the whole sport, not just your favoured brands. Capitalizing Blizard (the clone, and not named after a person) while lower-casing Hunter (the original, named after the creator) seems a shabby treatment to me.

If a frame is based on the Blizard, it is also based on the Hunter.


I thought it looked not quite like a Hunter there. Didn’t know the Blizard had that construction. To what extent is it based on the Blizard? Actually the same design, or an “inspired by”?

Also, I’m curious as to what seatpost size you’d chosen.

I’m very excited about this kit - it looks like really good stuff. It should advance the (cost effective) market in unicycle touring. The ability to have a handlebar / luggage rack setup without requiring a CF seat base and a load of manual drilling is particularly appealing to me!

To be fair to Joe Rowing, who designed the Blizzard, and I’d guess was involved in the coker version too, there have been various twin tube unicycles, the first one being the Telford, then I believe either the Hunter or DM Vortex, both coming out about the same time, I’m not clear which came first, both quite similar designs externally, although apparently somewhat different in terms of strength, the Vortex having some problems with twistyness.

The Blizzard is designed to avoid some shortcomings in the Vortex and Hunter, I seem to remember Joe saying that the triangulation in the back, and making the main triangle bigger on the Blizzard frame makes it significantly stronger than the other frames, without adding any weight, which is nice. He’s from a physics & engineering background, and did some analysis of the forces involved, and felt that the existing twin tube frames didn’t really make the most of the extra strength available through triangulating stuff, so he made something better. It’s a pity he doesn’t have a workshop at the moment, as he was making some nice toys when he did.


My apologies about the keyboard miss-typing of the letter “H”, I certainly did not mean to upset anyone. My mitigating circumstances was that I was being bounced around in the back of minibus being driven fast through Glasgow at the time… it is lucky I spelt anything right at all! :slight_smile:


Any word yet on the availiability of these?