36 Inch unicycle

I’m looking to purchase a 36 inch unicycle. Looking to purchase one in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have one they are considering selling?

Have KH 36" that I am considering selling

I have a KH 36" that I bought 1.5 years ago (the model right before the current one being offered on UDC) that my family wants me to sell. I am turning 69 next month and my wife and adult children want me to quit ridding.

It only has about 600 miles on it if that much. The tire still looks new and the only blemish is where my KH leg protector wore the shine off a little of the paint on the left fork. I have had very few crashes on it (not one in the last year!). I have the Zero saddle on it as well as a T-bar. I have the 117/137 cranks on it. I don’t have a brake on it, but it is all set up to put one on.

I live in southern CA near the city of Riverside. I don’t have the original box it came in and I don’t see how I could find one big enough to ship it across the country, or any where. I would be willing to drive a 100 or so miles to deliver it if you live that close, which would save a lot on shipping.

Tell me if you are interested in it. I will probably want at least $500 for it.


I’m Interested

Could you please send pictures of it and give me the name of the exact model? Also, did you buy it new? If so, how much did you pay when you purchased it? It’s great that you’ve been riding this long.:wink:


Hi, I will try to get a picture as soon as I can (I am working 10 to 11 hour days this week so I am getting home in the dark).

There really isn’t any model # it is just the Kris Holm 36" (you can look it up on Unicycle.com). As I said I bought mine just before the one they are selling now came out. I paid $795.00 for the uni, plus extra for the Fusion Zero saddle (now I guess they call it the Fusion One), and the KH T-bar was another $120.00 then (I see it’s $130.00 for the one they sell now).

The main difference between mine and the one they sell now is that it now comes with a brake. The brake is around $100.00. Mine is all set up for a brake but doesn’t have one. I never saw the need for a brake. I once rode my 29" uni down an 8% grade for over a mile without a brake with no problems (I have ridden my high end bicycle 100 miles in a day so I have strong legs and knees).

I will try and get a picture by the weekend.

Oh I forgot to say, yes I bought it new from Unicycle.com

The newest model also has a forged hub.

coker v2

I have a Coker v2 that I bought from a guy in California a couple years ago. I haven’t ridden it much since I’ve been out of the country.

It’s got a T bar, kris holm seat + post, an upgraded rim with the spaces drilled to reduce weight, and a nearly fresh tire.

Would be nice to get $350 for it. More if shipping.

I’m in Arizona.


Let’s Talk

Billythemailman, please send the pics of your KH36 to my email kount7@yahoo.com and we can talk further there. Thanks.

Quote for 36

I have an almost brand new nimbus oracle 36er. Has break and comes with extra seat post. Probably only 10 miles. I’ve been too busy after I got it. I’ll offer $700 for it.

Billythemailman, you can get a box from a bike shop (get a big one) and cut it down to a square shape for packing up a 36er. That’s what I did when I sold mine, worked pretty good.


Wow $350 is a good price for a 36er Bryce.


Thank you for offering. I have actually just purchased a 36" nimbus nightfox, and I’m loving it. Thanks though.