36 inch unicycle usa only

hey guys i was wondering if any of you have a 36 inch lying around i would like one for about 100. so it dos’ent have to be in perfect condition just ride able thanks :slight_smile:



$100 is a bit low for any 36er right now. You’d be really lucky to get a lower range model used at $200.

yea i know i was mostly just hoping that someone would have one lying around that they were not using from a couple of years ago.

Just because they haven’t used it doesn’t mean they’ll give it to you for 100 dollars. 200 is still pretty low.

someone needs to change the prefix on this thread. I keep thinking that someone is selling a 36er, and I keep on clicking on this thread, only to find out that it is just someone else who wants a new coker.

Erm. :stuck_out_tongue:

whatever, I meant new to the buyer. :slight_smile: