36-inch Unicycle -Coker Frame-Radial Tire-No Reserve

Hi - I’m selling a 36er on eBay. Just posted it a minute ago.


It’s Rolandisimo’s, and partly mine (the frame is mine).

Check it out.

was looking for something smaller for now since Im still a starter on a 20"
but PM me your asking price, Interested for the right price.
I’d pickup with cash of coarse.

Jeremy -

There’s not an “asking price”. The uni started at $1, and there is no minimum (or “reserve price”).** It’s a risk for the seller (me and Rolandisimo), but gives kind of a gambling rush to know we might have to sell it for $1! It also gets the most bidders that way.

Of course I’d encourage you to bid early and often and try to win it. :smiley:
Right now it’s cheap, at $157, but I’d be surprised if it doesn’t break $300, or likely more, with the tasty aluminum Coker frame, the brake, 3 sets of cranks, etc. Still, you could save the $100 shipping if you pick it up.

Like you say, you may want a muni first. It would probably be easier to master, as a new rider. I know how psyched you are about one-wheeling because I was exactly there 4 years ago, but there will be more opportunities for a used 36er.

** It’s kind of against the rules of eBay sell an item “outside the bidding process” during an auction. A valid reason to end an auction early, once it has bids on it, would be if the uni broke or something. But if eBay found out that I sold it while I was running the auction (which they could because many of the potential bidders probably read this thread), they could revoke my eBay ID at least with that username.