36 inch uni

okay so i have a 20 inch, a 24 inch, and a giraffe, i would like something faster, but i am on a super tight budget does anyone know where i could get a cheap 36 incher if not would you recomend the 28 inch sun? thanks

The cheapest way would be to find something used in the classifieds. For a new 36er, I think this is the cheapest way to go: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums//showthread.php?p=1324946

If you cannot find a cheap used 36" you might look at the 28" sun. The 36" is a different beast but the wheel set is unusual and expensive. A 28" or 29" will give you more speed than a 24".


thank you. Do you happen to know how much faster? right now the average in my 24 is 6 miles an hour, and i wanna know is the 28 is worth it.

If you’re willing to change up yur 24, you could make it pretty fast.

All you’d need to do is get some small cranks. (you probably have 150s or around there, most 24s do)

So you could get 125s or smaller… that can give you speed with out getting a new uni. :sunglasses:

On my 29’er with 125mm cranks I averaged 8-9 mph as a nice cruising speed. If I really got it spinning I could top out around 11. My 36 with 140’s has a cruising speed of 11, and I’ve had it as fast as 14-15 with shorter cranks and spinning like mad.

For reference, 28 and 29 have the same size wheel. When a 700c tire gets between 40-55mm it’s called a 28", and bigger than that it’s called a 29".

The Sun 28 seems like a great deal for a road specific uni. In the past the general consensus is that the Sun seats are really uncomfortable, so you may want to figure a new saddle into the price. For what it’s worth, I saw a new sun at a shop the other day and the saddle seems much better than in the past, but for any distance I’m still not convinced that it’s enough better.