36 inch parts

36" Nimbus Nightrider-Lite tyre
36" Rimstrip
36" Nimbus Oracle frame
125mm Nimbus aluminium ISIS hub
150mm Nimbus ISIS Cranks
25.4 Nimbus seatpost length 180mm
22 x 366mm spokes
22 x 369mm spokes


So basically it’s a whole 36" without a rim? Oh, and without pedals.

What rim was in there? I could be interested in turning my 100mm wide 36" into a 125mm wide one. Stronger wheel for sure.

I’d be interested in the tyre. How much would you sell it? Would you send it to France?

And maybe we can split the shipping costs to France. We did it not long ago with Bouin when we bought 29" tires from @rvs


Nimbus Stealth2 Rim was used.
Are you interested in everything?

Hi I am very much interested in the parts. Mainly the hub and the fork.

Recently my black 36 inch Kris Holm got stolen. Now I plan on building a new one. Perhaps it will be a 43 inch. And I am from Limburg as well.

Could be except the tire. Though I’m sure I could find a way to have @Maxence take it and we’d share shipping.

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Everything is sold.


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