36 inch Nimbus Oracle

I have just bought the 36 inch Nimbus Oracle with disc brake.
It has the shadow bent front handle , with bar ends on.
My question is… It has another hole at rear to acept another straight bar, called a T bar. What is this t bar at rear for ?

Some people use the rear section as a luggage rack. It can also help protect the saddle if the uni is dropped.

I used to have a small section of tubing in the rear mount to help keep the saddle off the ground. Recently I ditched it as I rarely UPD any more (famous last words). Pics: Post Your 36er Here

On the old T7 bar I used the rear part as a handle when pushing the unicycle around. It also serves as a kind of stand on flat surfaces.

Generally it’s not that useful, but it can be a nice option to have.