36 inch giraffe

Has it been done?

yes, there was a thread, last year i believe, of an 8 foot 36" giraffe, geared down to effective 29".

what would be the point of that?

A 36" giraffe :slight_smile:

To create something with some big-ass visual impact, while also making it semi-rideable. Or at least that would be my guess.

But really, what is the point of a giraffe period? It’s gotta be near the top of the list of “most generally useless unicycles”. Maybe only the double-wheel stack is higher, because it doesn’t have the visual thrill of a triple-wheel-stack, and only the unicycle geeks like us realize it’s actually the hardest thing to ride.

because you can:)

Without it giraffe eggs would never be in the right place at the right time and no baby giraffes would result - they would become extinct.

Practically, yes (unless you commute on a route with lots of deep fords, when it could save getting wet feet I suppose). It’s all for visual impact in performances (but I think you said that). If you ride a giraffe you are a clown-boy :slight_smile:


I thought it would be a huge attention getter because of the huge wheel and height. Whoever made that 36 inch giraffe killed its awesomeness by adding the gear.

no they just made it useable in a reasonable sized area. It’s not like you’d really notice that it’s geared down by looking at it.

Yeah, I guess it’s more practical, but it’s a fraud.

It did look pretty cool though. Somebody posted a film of it some time ago (probably a couple of years by now).


EDIT: Found the original thread, but it looks like most of the links are dead.

thats ugly

That wheel is probably around 8 inches or so, and from the looks of the gearing, it has around a 1:2 ratio.

Basically making it a 16" giraffe with less control.

No one cares what you think.

For example you thought 720 meant unispin(landed by many, many people) and brought up Shaun’s tutorial as evidence that it had been landed.(comment’s on Luke’s “Imaginary”)

I see you still have the low resolution Spencer as well.

Kyle, I think that would mean 36" high.

Duh :stuck_out_tongue:


Calm down. If you don’t like the comment get over it and ignore it like others.