ME hard at work…lol

check them out and get ya one …or 2

Can i fit my frame +T7 in one of those also?

IF you add some padding theres a little extra room…who knows

plenty of room for pedals and extra tire for sure

Cool, now all I need is a 36" and a place to travel:p

Any chance this will come for 20" unicycles and include space for the entire uni?

other size bags

in the future there will be other bags… it all depends on how well these go over and numbers to make a reasonable pricepoint.

Intresting :stuck_out_tongue: Looks good :smiley: I want one to fit my kh20 so I can get a coker and ride around on it then do some trials on my 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha that would actually be nice. The main reason why I don’t ride my coker around is because I want to be able to do tricks if I feel like it.

And now that I have my drivers license, I just drive to sess places, which is definitely affecting my endurance.

HEHE. I wish i could drive but yet I would rather have a coker :smiley: Wish they where cheaper :frowning:

Mine just got finished today, finally! I made it bigger than necessary (oops), so there’s probably enough room in there for two Cokers. The upside is this means there’s enough room in there for a Coker plus another unicycle of any size. And all the bits and pieces. And your safety gear. And the tools. And some of your other clothes. And a few pets.

I’m hoping that the floppiness of the bag will help conceal the contents, and just make it look like a large bag that’s not very full. It’s about 38" diameter and 12" deep. It will be possible to make more, but not for anything close to the price of the UDC bag. My materials alone (buying extra for safety) cost $115!

If you want a good, reusable way to fly with your 36" uni, the UDC is definitely going to be your simplest solution.

If you can fit a 36" wheel then you can definitely fit a frame as well, just toss it into the wheel so that the crown sits on the hub sideways. I did that with mine.

These are some awesome bags, now we just need a good bag for traveling with other unicycles. I think John should start a business with the Korean guy he bought his bags from. I know on a trip like I’m in the middle of, a good uni bag would make things a whole lot easier than a hockey bag.

What about mygypack? I want to get one but I’ve only had feedback from a few people abd their site does not look very accessible :thinking: .

Still, these bags look cool, if you have a 36.

Will UDC uk have them?
Edit - yeh they already do…

Love the picture.

Now we all need to remember this thread for the next time someone asks about ways to travel with your unicycle.

still might not work with a nimbus frame, it’s about 7" deep

You’ll find out in about a week whether it fits the nimbus frame, as there are about 12 riders heading out to Canada for Ride the Lobster with them from the UK, and probably more from the US.

I notice it costs half as much in the US as it does in the UK, which seems a bit much given it’s presumably made in Taiwan or somewhere similar? (or is it US made?)


Well their dollar is weak isn’t it… and things are always more expensive over here.

I definitely prefer the types of bag I use for travel with smaller wheels over any unicycle-specific bag i’ve seen. Those bags are usually only good for a single unicycle, and often don’t have room for much else.

For those not familiar with my bag style of choice for uni-flight, check out these pictures from NAUCC 2003. I could resell those bags, but then I’d be a middleman. Somebody who is more interested in offering such a service should be able to discover the manufacturer or distributor and be able to get them wholesale. I’d probably have to charge $50 plus shipping. Also, though some are stronger than others, these bags take a beating in transit and usually wear out after a while, though I think I may actually still have the one from those photos above (or one just like it).

Rome Bags Bettetr

Unicycle is a good place to buy unicycles but please leave it to Rome bike bags. There cheaper in price and better in quality:D

I’d trust a unicycling company to make better unicycling bags than a biking company.

Maybe I’m missing something, but Rome doesn’t seem to offer any products that will fit a 36" wheel. You could put unicycles in one of their ($129) bike bags, but why use a bag that’s going to be oversized if you don’t need to?

I have an old bike bag with a CyclePro label on it. I used it to fly my artistic bike to asia 2 or 3 times. Fits the bike great, but at the airport it’s obviously a bike bag. This is something you want to avoid if possible, because then they’ll make you sign a damage waiver AND (increasingly likely with today’s fuel prices) charge you a bike surcharge. That’s why I prefer unicycle luggage that looks like luggage, not a bike. Also my Coker won’t fit in my bike bag.

That said, anyone thinking about designs for “unicycle bags” should keep the above in mind. It doesn’t need to look like a unicycle or cycle bag, should fit at least two unicycles, and will work best if it also fits extra gear that can help pad the unicycle(s) and conceal their identity at he check-in counter. Unicycle bag designs (under 36") should be based on “regular” luggage designs.

a weak dollar would not make this happen the opposit would happen it would be cheapr in the uk if the dollar was weak