36 hole rim and 48 hole hub?

I have an almost brand new, completely true Alex DX 19" rim and I have been thinking about putting a Torker DX hub for cheap, just so I have a backup wheel, or so I can possibly sell it.

First, if anyone wants and Alex rim in basically perfect condition, with no scratches or anything with a UDC hub on it let me know.

Second, does anyone know if I use the hub(48 hole) on the rim(36 hole) will it compromise stability at all? It would be removing every 4th spoke from the hub, but the rim would be full…

Third, does anyone know of any good deals on 10-spline cranks, I know I can get some, but I really don’t want to spend much at all.

Thanks in Advance,

Re: 36 hole rim and 48 hole hub?

The Qu-AX cranks are 10-spline, are they compatible with the Torker hub?

Re: Re: 36 hole rim and 48 hole hub?

They should be…


wow! lots of help here :roll_eyes:

i think i may be going the 48 to 36 hole rim soon as well and would like to know.

I know NOTHING about this, since i’ve never done it, or heard of it, but just in my opinion wouldn’t it just be like a 36 hole hub, with some extra holes? I really don’t see a clear disavantage from not using some of the spoke holes in the hub, hell it technicaly makes the hub ever so lighter. Well no disadvantage exept that a 48 hole hub is better then a 36 ^^