36 hole hub and 48 hole rim?

I ordered a KH moment hub, which is a 36 hole hub, but my rim is a 48 hole. I have done a bit of searching and found out that it is possible to lace a 36 hole hub with a 48 hole rim, but that it will compromise strength.

I want to know if anybody has done it and can post a picture, and also if it would be worth it to buy a new rim as well.


personally, i would just spend like 30-40 bucks and get a new rim too…and you might need longer/shorter spokes…

I agree with you on the fact that buying a new rim would be better off. As for spokes, its kinda unusual to get different length sizes depending on the tyre.

Yeah, I’d either get a new rim or a qu-ax ISIS hub. That’s 48 holes, fits moments cranks and has a better colour. The same(or very similar) strength.

Just adapt to it, cause i’m pretty much like that…alot. :stuck_out_tongue:

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so anyawy…since the kids obviously got off topic earlier…does anyone have lacing patterns or personal experience in building a 48 --> 36 wheelset. I had considered it once but then ended up getting a completely new wheelset. I’d like to see what was done if someone has that type of wheel. I know that the spokes will need to be two sets which each have different lengths (as Hazmat said) but I don’t know any more than that on how the wheel will be built.

Thanks guys

I had ordered a KH moment hub and cranks, and the rim I have is a qu ax. Im stupid and didn’t think about spoke holes untill after I ordered, but it would have made a lot more sense to get the quax ISIS hub… O well, I guess this will give me an excuse to buy a nice new rim too:)

You could also now search about and find a perfect rim for your style.

if you want a 20" rim, the oddysey(I’m sure I Spelled that wrong) midway is very good.

if you want a 19" rim, the KH drilled rim is sweet.

why go with a KH drilled when you can get a k1 undrilled. its much stronger and only weighs 100g more

I’m gonna get a KH 07 rim. It’s a nice strong and light rim, and I can order it easily from Bedford. Otherwise I need to order from the states.

haha, actually, he dissagreed with that bit that i sayed…the bike shop should be able to cut and thread spokes…depending on how much demand there is for that kind of thing…

just keep it in true and you should be fine…and have you actually messed up a kh rim?

actually, spokes will probably be one of your biggest costs, good ones are like a buck apeice…

Can you give me a link to a K1 undrilled?

if you aren’t doing MASSIVE drops you aren’t going to be jumping high/far enought to screw up a Kh rim at all(assuming you really do have bad form)

you do burn everything though… so i guess… sucks for you dude

I see that you are going to get a new rim also but I found this on Sheldon Brown’s website. Might be helpful for other people with the same question

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