36" GB4 Frame

I received my GB4 36" frame yesterday and wanted to comment on the quality of the frame. The frame is beautiful. The frame is built around the UDC superwide hub and George built it just how I wanted it. The price was right at $230 with dual magura bosses and all the magura hardware. George does good work and I would highly recomend him.

pictures please… :roll_eyes:

The GB4 website…

and a pic of my super custom extra-wide GB4 Frame with Surly Large Marge rim… I give You…




That sounds like a sweet frame. I’d like to get a GB4 someday.

What’s the width of the Gazz mounted on Marge? That thing looks well massive.

I take it your not interested in one of Gus’ coker frames anymore? We actually just got one built up…

Yeah, but those are all studio shots. Here’s a shot of a GB4 36 in the wild… http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album331/IMG_1527

Max- I didn’t think your Dad was set up for the new UDC superwide hub.

We werent, until about last week. We just finished one for someone, and apparently it worked out fine and Gus’d be willing to make more. No worries, the GB4 is an excellent product as well.