36" frames

so, what 36" frames are available to buy without an entire uni?

I’ve seen hunter, GB4, quite a few homemade ones, and Bedfords. Any others?

also, has anyone made an aluminum coker frame yet?


KH made them…


that thing is a monster.

Still no aluminum ones though. I think they would flex too much for aluminum.

I’ve got an 1st Generation Schlumpf Aluminium Coker frame that I will be using on my Diet Coker shortly :sunglasses: .


Diet Coker?

Those KH frames are $589 or close to $600 if I remember right. That’s crazy talk to buy a frame that expensive.

I think that one is handmade in the US, so that’s why it’s so expensive.

Diet Coker???

a try a little more north

are there any relatively inexpensive coker frames? like around the $30 to $60 price range?

UDC sell a uni replacement frame in up to 36" sizes, its just like the stock coker frame. $60 might well get you one.

You can get a Hunter 36 delivered for under $400. Hard to beat the form and function of a Hunter. Very rigid!

those are the ones with skinny steel tubes correct?

Ken (Gizmoduck) runs a very lightweight 36" setup. Hence “diet” coker.

Here are some things you can do with a standard coker to cut down its weight:
-replace the rim with an airfoil
-replace the spokes with narrower stainless steel spokes
-go tubeless or use a 29er inner
-cut off excess seat post (and frame!)
-use lighter pedals
-use a carbon fibre seat base

Standard 36" Qu-Ax frame, I’ve got mine for I think about 30 euro’s from municycle.com, gotta send Roland an e-mail though, because it’s not in the shop.

Edit: Ken’s diet unicycle saved most of it’s weight on the seatpost :smiley:


It’s still not as light as it could be. Should save quite a bit more weight when I use the Schlumpf frame, Schlumpf cranks, and lighter pedals.