36" for Boardwalk cruizing

I have been riding a classic Schwinn 24" for 40 years and I am a level 3 rider. I saw a couple guys riding 36" unicycles on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach this weekend and I figure that it is time for me to try something new. What should I get and who has one to sell?

36ers come up for sale once in a while, but not all that often. It’d probably be easier to buy new, if you can afford it. The new Coker Big One is arguably the best route in–decent wheel, rim, & tire, and light & stiff aluminum frame. You can get one for $400 new, a little under half the price of a KH36. It’ll hold up to some XC muni, too, depending on your size & riding style.

I bought a KH36 because I like muni better than road riding, and I weigh 190 lbs and am not the smoothest rider out there. Figured better safe than sorry, plus got a screaming deal from municycle.ca during their buy one, get one half price sale, so it came to around $625. I love it, but would have bought the Coker if I was paying full price.

Good luck! You’ll love the 36 experience–it’s a blast!

I’ve been considering selling my 36er. I’ll post some pictures. Just let me know if you’re interested.

haxthegibson (at) tmail (dot) com
AIM: TheLegendofMouse


http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-sf2p/v142/36/83/13752383/n13752383_38520111_4411.jpg (guy in Purdue gear)

I’m interested. How much are you thinking?


PM sent to the interested parties.

36er has been soldified. Thanks for looking <3