36 for a short guy

I was wondering if any one 5’ 2" or under has a 36 and what they did to make it fit

please tell me brand of 36 too

Plenty of less tall people ride Cokers, even in standard trim. I’m 5’7" and rode mine comfortably on 150mm cranks with a standard frame and seat/seat post. (Longer cranks mean you need the seat lower, and longer legs.)

Cathwood who posts in this forum describes herself in such a way that she seems unlikely to bang her head on a chandelier, and she has a 36". A search may produce pictures of it. If I recall correctly, it has telescopic fork legs. (Or she has telescopic legs. I can never remember these details.:wink: )

hmmm… well thanks

here is a frame designed with short people in mind, only in udc uk though.

Her original telescopic coker frame is now residing with annats, she has a chopped down nimbus 36 frame currently.

just cut the seatpost and get shorter cranks…DUH…

not really that simple for shorter folks hobo chuck. You also have to cut the frame neck to make it really short.

Wow. All these rumours about me :smiley: Actually, you’re right.

Had to sell the telescopic coker as I was too tall to ride it with 125mm cranks :smiley:

I have a Nimbus 36. Yes, Roger had to do some fiddling about with it so that it would fit me but only because I have a T7 handle. Without the T7 handle (at 5’2) I would have been tall enough to ride the Nimbus with 125mm cranks without any reajusting. Probably would have been too short with 150mm cranks.

So I would say that at 5 foot 2 you could ride any 36er with 125mm cranks. You might have to have it slightly cut down if you want to ride on 150mm cranks. But you might not, because it all depends on how long your legs are in respect to the rest of your body. I have very short legs. So, for you, any 36er may be fine.