36"er Needed in Dallas

Hey, everyone.

I’ll be attempting the Houston to Austin MS150 and I need a 36" uni! I’m currently in Dallas, so if there is anyone local-ish or you are willing to ship your 36" uni, let me know!

I have a very nice KH36, see my ad.

I’m in Dallas. I’ll ask around and see if I can find one for sale.

Where are you planning to train for this? I know several unicyclists who ride regularly at White Rock Lake. It’s always good to have some company.


What price range are you interested in?

I’m in Dallas and have a 6-month old Nimbus Titan with a Coker Pi Bar. I’ve been eyeballing NurseBen’s 36er with a bit of lust, but would need to a) assure myself that a titanium hub is strong enough for my 230-pound sofa-riding butt, and b) determine shipping costs.

You could buy Ben’s yourself, of course, but then I wouldn’t end up with a Ti hub or KH frame.

Nice uni! Unfortunately, that is quite a bit more than I am willing to spend!

Actually, I was planning on riding the Cottonwood Trail down to White Rock as training (I’m in Richardson), but if there is already a group riding around White Rock, I’m totally down! Just gotta get the uni…

Something reasonable, I don’t need a super-nice uni. I think a used Titan would be right around where I am looking. What is your price?

Thanks for all the replies, everyone!

It’s not the hub of choice for hard core muni or trials, but for a touring uni it is more than strong enough. Not to mention, Kris would help you our as would UDC if you ever have problems. BTW, I’m 200#, just saying…

Shipping is pricey, probably $60 or so from Tennessee.

Sell one to buy the other, three people get what they want, sounds good to me :slight_smile:

NO PRESSURE, Moron! haha

I’m in the dallas area and have a practically new coker I’d be willing to sell. It is mostly a coker big one, with a very nice Kris Holm Fusion Freeride saddle. I took it out on one 10 mile ride, and then decided that distance riding isn’t for me. I’m looking for around $300, let me know if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

Sigh. Undersold. Another perfectly envisioned Moron acquisition strategy, up in smoke.

Yeah, Julie B is way too competitive :wink:


Julia sold me her Coker! Thanks a lot, Julia!