36" er garage sale, custom distance handle, Thomson seat posts, etc

I’ve upgraded to a KH 36 recently and I’m continuing to clean house and get rid of stuff that I’m done with:
Kind of a mixture of interesting custom stuff and more mundane parts for sale:

*My second generation distance handle set-up that I built last year. Includes: custom steel distance handlebar based on a lengthened GB-4 handle (with computer mount) and a modified KH rail adaptor. The saddle is a UDC Gel saddle from 2006 in almost new condition. I radiused the front lift handle to cradle the bar. The longer of the two handles accomodates a brake lever and the bell that is on there now. Post is a Thomson 24.5mm that is like new and 8" long (bottom of seat clamp bolts to end of post). This design results in a really stiff handle bar that has been crash resistant and light weight. Welds are heliarc and done by a professional welder and finish is flat black spray paint. I love this handlebar cause it gives you tiller-like steering and its carried me through miles of commuting and century rides like this one. . . (Click to link to see it/me in action on a 102 mile ride. . . I’m in the green):

I don’t know how to price this thing. If I added up the parts alone it would be over $200. I’m open to reasonable offers I guess . . . . and I’m willing to sell the seat-post separately . . . (though in my opinion, the Thomson post is a necessary part of this long handle-bar, which puts a lot of force on the seat post clamp -and the Thomson is one of the few posts strong enough to take all that leverage without flexing or bending).

*Another thomson seatpost, 24.5 with 7" below the seat clamp bolt head, also in great condition except for the lost anodizing near the bottom. $25

*A 24.5MM Primo Viking seat post clamp. The logo seems a little worn, but it constricts like no other seat post clamp. $10??

*114 mm QUAX square taper crank arms (Zero Q) with about 20 36"er miles on them, as new, $15

*Coker, 36"er inner tube. I’ve become an expert stretcher of 29er tubes and don’t think I’ll ever go back to these heavy-weight guys. This one is like new. Never pricked, punctured or patched, $18

*I have two Odyssey brake levers for BMX/traditional brakes. They nicer quality medium length levers that have a hinge/latch mounting set-up so you don’t have to remove grips and the like to install them on a 7/8" bar- if that makes sense, they can also be mounted on the curve of a handlebar too. they work great for unicycle use. Like new, and one is the deluxe model that can be set-up to pull two brake cables at once if you want. Note: these are for BMX side pull brakes, not compatible with v-brakes, $10 each

Buyer pays shipping from Portland (97213) and I take paypal.
Let me know if you have any questions and its best to e-mail me directly at uniflasher@hotmail.com or call me in Portland at 503-282-5989














The 114mm crank arms sold, pending receipt of funds. The rest is still available