36" Crash

wow … that hillarious! very nice:p

i watched at least five times. great editing and a very entertaining stunt.

or at least thats my opinion

You mean FAKE as in… I didn’t actually crash into the side of the truck? It’s fake by the fact that I had two cameras set up and I meant to do it… that doesn’t actually happen when I go riding.


…It was framed out but there was a 4 inch mat on the side of the truck to protect the uni from the impact. The worst “damage” ever done to that uni was a UPD when the inner tube blew while riding… the damage was scuffed handle and pedals.

Why? Why not!

Haha… wow awesome. Your other vids are cool too.

you really crashed that shiz? you got guts man!

that was a fake as in you definately meant to do it.
and even if you had hit the truck you wouldnt have flipped out like you did (i dont think)

brian, he’s a stuntman, ya jackass. he set it up, but he did actually do the stunt.

ha whatever that was.
was tight.