36" Crash

No unicycles were harmed in the making of this video.


So I wanted to do a stunt that was original… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do a car hit like this on a unicycle. Had I a car to really jack up I would have gone into the windshield.

There was a pad on the side of the truck to protect the unicycle (but not me).

haha, so it was real?

Wow… That must have been fun and painful at the same time.

Why did you do that? Must have taken some nerve.

What a… stunt? :smiley:

That was amazing, I loved it.

haha is crazy…

very crazy

Hahaha, That was great!

ouch! right over the handle bars

holy balls man, that was amazing, i liked all the build up shots and the 2nd angle. Really well done:D

Brilliant, did the roll out stop most of the pain?

ok, how in the hell did you do that wihtou killing yourself…that was sooo ridiculous!

a few questions… first question… WHY? second question… was that YOUR car? third question… did it hurt? fourth and final question… WHY??

Wow…I laughed sooo hard! Was that fake? Good Job!


Yeah, I’m also curious as to your motivation for doing that stunt. Is that the same nimbus 36er you recently sold on ebay, and was there any damage done to the wheel, or other parts of the 36er?

I liked it, the other stuff on your youtube account is really cool too.

So you seem to be a stuntman for some movies huh?

I highly doubt the Unicycle was damaged at all aside from the seat and pedal hitting the ground.

Wheels can take a long more abuse than people think they can.

I want to be a stuntman, mostly because I do a lot of stupid stuff and don’t get hurt anyway… seems like fun!

that seems like something theyd do on jackass… except they aren’t skilled enough. even though i did c on youtube them making an extreme uni video. that was dumb… just like the rest of their sketches. there are a few good ones… but they are rare. this one was kinda cool though (the one you did)