36" Complete Wheel: Dominator 2 rim, Oregon hub, Todd tire, tubeless!

I am rebuilding my big wheel uni fleet, so I am selling a complete super wide 36er muni wheel that will fit all super wide (125mm spaced) frames which include the Oracle and pre-Oracle steel twin hoop frames.

The Dominator 2 rim is the current model 36" tim, redesigned 2012 to be extra stiff, with an improved rim hook, black color.

The Oregon hub is designed for heavy use with a chromoly spindle, it is a disc hub and works with a disc brake frame tab or D Brake.

The Todd tire is THE MUNI TIRE for all things off road, also works great for road riding, ~500gm lighter than a Nightrider, and this one is set up tubeless!!

I can include Moment cranks as part of the deal, 165/137 and/or 150/125.

I Also have a 203mm rotor available. I have no other rotors for sale.

Wheel does not include pedals. I have no pedals for sale.

Looking for best offer plus shipping, local pick up is fine

I’ll post some pics over the weekend.

Dammit Ben, if I wasn’t already tied up in my 36er, I’d be on this like flies on a pigs rear. This’d be a great setup!

You could buy it on a payment plan :slight_smile:

Hey Ben - are you going to post pictures? I’m interested.

shame its in the wrong country, could adapt it to put in my coker

Don’t tempt me.

Besides, I have some other plans in the works for the new year…:wink:

Pics and price?

Yeah, I need to post some pics. Price, well I’d kind like to let folks make offers, but 2/3 of new is a good starting point. Shipping is not cheap, so that is extra, to be figured out once a sale price is worked out.

You can see the wheel in my 36er posts, it’s pretty much as described, not abused, well built, black spokes, chrome nips, D2 rim, Oregon Chromoly spindled hub (extra wide), Todd tire with plenty of life left, and of course it is set up tubeless.

If you go to photo bucket and search under nurse ben, you should be able to find pics.

I’m leaving for WA on an interview trip, so I won’t be able to post pics before I leave.

If someone wants pics now, send me a PM with your phone or email and I’ll take some pics with my phone and send them over.

Hey gang, sorry I haven’t posted pics yet, but it’s been really hectic, just got back from an “interview” trip in Washington State, trying to get the house ready to sell, busy, busy.

So, I promise to post pics of the wheel this week, really :slight_smile:

You can track down pics from the 36er thread and see the wheel, also pics of the wheel can be found on latest ride thread, just search under my name.

It is in perfect shape, nice and straight, no rim damage, hub is bomber, tire is at least 50%, of course tubeless, I can include a variety of cranks depending on your needs.

Shipping will not be cheap, but I’ll make the box as small as I can, figure on $50 for starters, I’ll get a price quote once someone is seriously interested.

So… how much was it new so I can figure what 2/3rds of that is?

Is this the one:



About $510 if you ordered it straight from UDC. (That doesn’t figure in price of tubeless materials.) So $340 is about 2/3.

Yes, that is the wheel, thanks!

Well, I did take some pictures, now all I have to do is upload them on my incredibly slow internet connection :roll_eyes:

How much? My uni student wants a 36er. And how much to ship to Los Angeles county?

The wheel has been sold :slight_smile: