36" Coker

Since building my G32, I hardly ride the Coker any more. So it’s for sale.
It’s a workhorse! Rides very well.
Has the following features:

Very low mileage Nightrider tire. (Will include the old one as a spare, was still good when replaced.)
29" inner tube (less weight than the 36" tube, but still have the 36" tube, and will include it).
Flattened KH Fusion Freeride saddle.
UDC Shadow handlebar. (With neoprene grips.)
Magura hydraulic brake. (Machined brake surface on rim.)
Salsa quick-release seatpost clamp.
Extra cranks, extra spokes.
$350 plus shipping.
Local buyer would be ideal. I’m in the Los Angeles, CA area, I can arrange some mid-way meeting place if you’re in SoCal. I can bring it to Moab later this month if you plan to be there.
I’m looking for a nice aluminum-frame 24", so we could work some kind of trade deal if you have one for sale.

(Sorry for the poor quality phone photo. I can send additional pics on request.)

Coker for sale.JPG

More pics

please post more details. Closeups and such. Please aslo give more specs.

Sale pending.