36" Coker

Looking for a used coker, can be beat up and crappy as long as the parts are still intact (I’ll break it down for a tune up/re-greasing if I have to). I want to see if I like it before putting down 500$ for a new one. I’d like to spend as little as possible (isn’t that always the case :p). I’m actively looking on ebay, but I figured I put up a post here. If you have a commuter you don’t want anymore send me a message. Thanks!

sorry forgot to add I live in NY and won’t mind buying anywhere in the country, will pay for shipping

I have one that I want to sell. Sent a PM.

I should add…

Ideally I’d like to find a junker, around 50 bucks if possible (I’m flexible with a good deal so if you have something worth more, I’m still interested), I really don’t want to invest alot if I am going to hate riding it…so far no luck on ebay/craigslist.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a junker 36. Just a used tire could be $50

really? I had no idea,…what about a junker…29er?..32er?

Are there any other large wheel sizes that you think I could find really cheap?

You should be able to find a cheep 29er.

32s are a bit rare…

I doubt you’ll find a 29er as cheap as you’re talking. Complete crap 20" unis I see on craigslist are still going for $50.

Where are you located? Maybe there’s someone who lives near you who would let you try out a 36er. There are a lot of NYC riders (I have no idea where Red Hook would be–I’m a west coaster!).

thats a good idea, I live north of NYC - about 2 hours, but I work in Manhattan. I should contact someone from the unicycle club down here and see if they wouldn’t mind bringing one to a meet and letting me give it a spin.