36" Coker with extras - $300

I’m putting my 36" coker up for sale. I’m sorry to have to say that I never really rode it all that much, and now I need the money. It’s the standard coker “the big one” unicycle, plus a reeder handle super gel saddle with seatcover and custom made fiberglass base. Might have large BMX style pedals on it, I’m not even sure anymore. I’ll get photos up this weekend. Gently and lightly used, let me know if you want it. USPS money order, and you pay shipping, or pick up in CT (I can get it to or near New britain, Bloomfield, or East Hartland). If you have anyother questions, let me now.

IS this still for sale??? If so, send me a PM. THanks

Any chance of getting it to Australia?
I really want a 36er.

To ship it, would probably cost nearly the price of the Unicycle.

With the added conversion and possibly duty fees… you will be better off buying a new one from AUS Unicycle.com.

Still for sale, I’m going to Ebay it pretty soon, if no one wants it.

Also, if a mod could add [for sale] to the title, that would be cool, I admit it, I messed up and did not read the rules before posting.

pics coming…ever?

i want it but im only 13 and need to talk to my dad

Is this still for sale. Let me know at ben.at.hendrixequip.com. Thanks

still for sale?

Doesn’t look like the seller is overly comitted to the sale… so I don’t think there’s much point in asking!

Very true. lol

Sorry, this has been sold.