36" Coker vs. 29" KH

I’m looking to purchase a new unicycle soon. Something with a much bigger tire. I’m going to be doing RAGBRAI next summer on whatever unicycle I deciede on. I like the idea of the Coker because it is much bigger and can go faster, yet at the same time I like the idea of the 29" KH because you can still jump on it etc. Basically its a little more durable and you can still mess around on it. Whats your opinion?

never ridden a 29er properly, but for the price of a KH 29er you can get a pretty solid coker, and cokers aren’t half fun.

The 29er and the Coker are both fairly different machines. They can suit similar funtions but overall I find them to not really be in the same category. I now have both a 29er and a Coker, and I don’t really want to get rid of either because I like their functions equaly. You cannot really compare the two and come to a logical decision. It is completely a matter of preference. For straight on cruising I love my coker, I wish it were a bit lighter but since I bought the stock coker I get what I pay for. If I am weaving through alot of side streets and going for some muni and just messing around I like my 29er. People will say that you can do those on a coker, which is true but that is what I enjoy using them for. A Coker and a 29er are very different than a trials or a muni where the uses are pretty clearly defined. They can be used for whatever you enjoy them for.

I have to agree!

Everything you want to know you already said. Coker: bigger, faster, more stable, less time in the saddle for an equivalent distance. If you’re going to ride RAGBRAI, the bikes will pass you when you’re on a Coker. But they’ll pass you like you’re standing still on a 29er. Jagur is the only devil’s advocate I know with respect to the Coker.

If you get an excellent wheel set from Dave Stockton or even a good wheel set from UDC you can ride stairs, ride MUni, hop up stairs and more with your Coker without worrying about tacoing your wheel. They’re tough with the airfoil rim.

I like 29ers quite a bit, but I wouldn’t ride one for a ride like RAGBRAI. You can go with shorter cranks to mitigate the speed advantage of the Coker, but when you’re talking about a serious long-distance, low-dismount ride, those extra pedal strokes add up.

For sheer distance, go with Coker

I tried to participate in the Tour de Cure a couple of months ago on my Nimbus 29er. Despite daily practice I put in for months, I could only finish the first day with about 30 miles. I had only been riding a unicycle for about 8 months and I am diabetic, but still it was very clear from the beginning that the 29 inch wheel only gets you about 7 or 8 miles per hour in a long haul. Now I am proud of what I accomplished, but if you really want a chance at finishing a long-distance ride, you need to be capable of sustaining 10 mph or more. Also, make sure you are able to free mount when your legs are really tired.

Like the others mentioned, the 29er is a fantastic ride and I love it’s portability (I keep it in the trunk of my VW Cabrio), but a 36-inch wheel is the optimum choice for really long distances.

Good luck.

Ahh, but if the rim did taco, it’d be a hard shelled chicken, instead of the much better [as we all know] soft shelled beef on the 29er…food for thought

Oooohhh, you poor dear. You need attention. You’ll find it in the tacos thread. Wise forum members use the SEARCH function.

how many Coker owners does it take to screw in a light bulb?

  1. to pay loads of “oversized” shipping charges just for a Coker to reach light bulb.

2)…another to spend loads of money upgrading the stock Coker so the wheel doesnt fold up while idling under the light bulb.

3)…then a 3rd to ignore all the limitations and profess Coker greatness.

Coker owners don’t need to screw in lightbulbs, they know that the wheel will sail over anything in their path anyways, what do they need to look at?

Low hanging tree branches.

Do you think a 56 mile fun ride with lots of hills and a big downill at the end of the ride would make more sense on a 29"… Will the coker with all those hills still be better?

For serious distance over mixed terrain I think you’ll be better off with a 36", but it’s certainly feasible to do 56 miles on a 29er; put on 110mm or 102mm cranks and you’ll have decent cruising speed.

i can hold 7-8 on my 24" for almost 2 hours, probably more, ive never rode for more than 2 hours at time

I took your advice and bought a nimbus 36" deluxe with brakes and a kh non-air seat. Now I have to wait for the wheel to be built and the shipping. Should have it in three weeks at the latest. Boy am I excited!!!

I don’t know cause the way i see it is. A KH 29er is like a trials/street machine whereas the coker is just pure street. :smiley: :smiley:

don’t you mean trails, as in MUni, not trials. I don’t think I’ve seen any 29er trials before.

Want to get the Nimbus deluxe from UDC but for about $50 LESS than UDC’s advertised price? You will save money by ordering the 360 RADIAL deluxe, and then also order the Nimbus frame! You’ll get the EXACT SAME thing (the wheelsets are identical!) and save more than $50, plus get BOTH FRAMES! Why pay $50 more and get only one frame? Hurry while you still can!

No, trials. It would be awesome to fuse the 2 together. Meaning street and trials. :smiley: