36" Coker Uni for sale

Reducing my Uni fleet. This is a very low mile Coker for sale. It has ~30 miles on a new tire, spare tube, spare cranks. Also installed is a “classic” saddle and handle bars with trip computer mount.

All for $320 (OBO) + shipping. I am in the Kansas City area if you want to pick up.

Email me - wellington.samouce@us.army.mil

Here are some pictures (sorry about the size)-

OOOOOO! Can I have the handle??? I’ve been desperately looking for a GB4 for my coker.

Yes the GB4 is $320 and comes with the rest of the uni for free :wink:


If none of you guys show any interest, I will put it on Epay. I wanted to give the forum a first shot at it.

Is that a carbon fiber seat base or is it a plastic base with a steel plate to enforce the GB4 handle?


Here is shipping info for you.

Two boxes -

Box 1 - 36"X36"X10", weight 20 lbs

Box 2 - 25"X10"X10", weight 11 lbs

Shipped from 66027. Also look at Greyhound Bus for shipping the big box. Add $10 for my gas for the Greyhound option.


I am definatly interested, but just have to figure out a way to swing the 320. Well, more including shipping. Especially considering current finances.

Still flying?

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Re: Coker - I do have 36" envy!! Not big on commitments though :slight_smile:

Sure am - Just finished my Private Fixed Wing. I am flying a 1981 Cessna 172P and about to get checked out in a Cherokee 180 to use for X-County flights.

Its now on Epay - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220303842281

36" rim wanted

Wanted: 36" rim for making an Ultimate Wheel.

UDC only has the Nimbus Stealth Pro Rim for $115.00, which is too much for the UW.

that was funny!