36" Coker "The Big One"

Will u Deal

I offer 350 plus shipping. Offer expires in 24 hours.

That price seems reasonable considering that this wheel has the brake and handlebars. If I weren’t looking for a only basic model, I’d be buying this :slight_smile:

Well, I’d buy the handlebars then it would be like a basic model, for you!

Peripatet, I think you have me talked into a KH when the time and finances come 'round.

Price drop to $425 USD.

Still for sale. Price drop to $350.

:astonished: if i were in the US i would buy it for that price straight away!

this is a great deal people!

PM sent


I am interested in purchasing. I am located in MI, would you give me a call at (616)842-5122 or email me at <knochenhauer (at) mail.com>



I was meaning to ask why are you selling it?

I’ve got 8 unicycles, 3 bicycles, and a pedicab. I’m headed to college in the Fall. I’m trying to sell some things off for college money (and to free up some space in the garage). The 36er is taking up the most room, and I find myself using it very little. I’m also selling my Torker DX in my other thread.

I have a Torker LX 24" that I used for learning to ride and just going around my neighborhood. Now I want a 36er to put some real miles on. I’ve only gone on about 5 mile round trips on the LX. I’m hoping with the 36er I can start putting on some real miles and get into some cycling events. I like hearing the stories on here about there were 400 bicycles and 1 unicycle, maybe I’ll be the next one.

Still 4 Sale?

I will buy it

I’m interested in your unicycle if it is still for sale - PM sent


Is this still for sale im local and looking for a 36…

Sorry everyone, but the Coker is now sold.

Sorry guy I picked it up this morning. It rides great thanks.

If you still have it for sale, I would like to buy it. If you sold it already, Can you tell me where else I can look for used uni’s. I live in N.E. P.A. My email is shlemmi@yahoo.com. Please email me.


saw your Coker ad- where are you located? i’m in Clainfornia.

oops- sorry