36" Coker recently bought

I recently purchased a 36" coker unicycle with handlebars and after only a few short rides, decided I’ll stick to smaller unicycles and bikes. I am located in Houston TX.

I’ll sell it for $300 + Shipping and can ship it with the original box and packaging it came in.



still for sale

The 36" uni is still for sale ladies and gentlemen.

Something about it you weren’t expecting? I’m considering a 36", I’m curious as to why you didn’t like it so soon after purchase.

It’s fun and cool to have, but I’m not riding it as much as I thought I would. I’m primarily a cyclist and would rather have the cash for bike stuff :slight_smile:

PRICE DROP to $150 + Shipping.

How much to ship to 48093? Doesn’t need to be fast delivery.

Please let me know if Monomalist is not interested. Thank you Bryan.

Me too, in Brooklyn 11217.

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for not responding sooner - it’s been a busy week & weekend.

If you’re still interested, contact me at bryanberes@gmail.com

Reminder: I’m now asking $150 + shipping.


P.M. Sent.