36" Coker or 36" Nimbus

Which one and why?

My purpose is 5+ miles or more. Just riding on city paved trails, etc…

I’ve only tried one coker, and it seemed to be lower quality then my nimbus 36. However it was a much older model. I’ve had my nimbus for half a year, and rode it through snow, ice, rain, and haven’t had a problem. So I’d recommend the Nimbus 36. But the choice is yours.

For that small amount of use, buy whichever one is cheaper.

Small? He said 5+. Rather open-ended… :slight_smile:

As with all things, buy the one you like. The Coker has 48 spokes, which gets you a nice, strong wheel but may weigh a little more. Also you have the option of an easy brake addition and a very adjustable handle. Either could probably be applied to a Nimbus as well, if they fit.

Get the Nimbus for sure. It has a lighter wheel which includes the best 36" rim and the new Nightrider tire.

I love my radial 36er with the coker handle and the TA tire. The nightrider may be a bit lighter, but it’s prone to picking up lots of little rocks and pebbles, and probably will wear out a lot sooner than the TA.

36" tires:

From what I’ve read, both the Nightrider and TA are both very popular. TA is the heavier of the two, but will also probably last the longest. It’s great on the road, and mine is over a year old, including RTL and all my RTL training, and the tread still basically looks like new.

The Nightrider seems very popular with everyone I know that has one, and should be the preferred tire for dirt, or a mix of dirt and pavement.

The Coker button tire is still the lightest on the market. It can also do double-duty on road and dirt, but as the center wears down it does become more sensitive to road camber. I’ve enjoyed my new Coker (with button tread) on the trails out here.

The new Coker tire (XLR?), the one that looks like the TA, apparently is the TA. Same tire with Coker branding. Expect the same performance and buy the one that’s cheaper!

Use caution when reading peoples’ descriptions of “Cokers.” There were a few variations of the original Cokers, and now there are two new ones. If someone doesn’t say which it’s hard to know what they’re talking about.

I just now got off the phone w/ Amy and Andrew at UDC.
They say the nightrider is a much better tire and will last 1000 miles longer than the TA…

interesting about the little rocks…I guess that would affect performance…

I ordered the Nimbus…
BTW, I think I got the last nightrider tire in stock.

The rocks aren’t a big deal. Some of the fastest people at RTL were on the Nightrider tire.


One thing I like about the nightrider tyre (as opposed to the TA tyre) is that it makes a humming sound as I ride along so pedestrians have some warning of my approach and I am no longer silent but deadly.

My wife will be thrilled to let me buy a new 36er tire when she finds out I won’t be silent but deadly anymore! :smiley:

This is so completely true! TA riders: get a bell.

Awesome… yet again we’ve conflicting opinions where facts would be more helpful.

Why do people have to speculate when there are plenty of people here who can provide authoritative information?

Awesome…yet again Maestro has to thrunt up another thread.