36" build w/Coker wheel

I am planning to build a custom 36" and was looking at wheel options. I sent Coker an e-mail about getting a complete wheel/hub assembly and got the following response.

“Sorry we don’t sell individual parts. Thank you for your interest in
Coker Cycles though.”

Eric Davis
Customer Service Representative
Direct: (423) 648-8551

I guess they believe that Coker is losing assembled uni sales due to people building thier own unis from individual parts.

Buy individual parts from UDC then.

Why would you spend time with a custom wheel build and use a coker wheel? The Nimbus/KH is a better wheel in my opinion. Any reason you’re building one? (i.e. you want brass nipples, different hub, custom spoke anodising?)

if you just want the experience of building one, I understand, but I think you’ll come out ahead just buying the whole deal anyway.

That’s interesting though, they’re telling you that if you break a hub, spoke, or rim individually, then they simply can’t help you fix it and you’ll have to buy another cycle… which is nonsense. Maybe they would respond differently if you did have to repair something, but that’s still lame. I suppose they’re relying on other vendors to stock repair items (cough unicycle.com) . . . which is also nonsense.

Good luck on your build : )

That sucks. It used to be an awesome deal for a 36" wheel. I think I payed $118 + $22 shipping to Canada. I guess it was too good to last.

I also tried getting extra spokes at the same time but they told me that they would not sell the spokes unless I needed to replace individual spokes on an existing wheel.

This was last year, sad to see that they are making it harder to get parts.

I was looking to replace the wheel on a Titan that was damaged and a Coker complete hub/rim set was one of my options.

Looks like I’ll just get complete a Nightrider Pro once UDC gets them back in stock (Nov)

Using a Coker wheel/hub was just one of the options I was looking at. I’ll probably just wait until Nov when UDC gets the next shipment of Nightriders and buy a complete uni.