36" Blue Nimbus

Hi there
Looking to sell my uni,it has a few miles on it but still in very good shape.The cranks are 150s.The seat has a small tear.
It comes with an extra brand new seat with the touring handle attached,spare tube and the Nimbus carrying bag.Asking 650.



If you can part with the package for 500 I’ll pick up in person and pay with cash.

I’ll be honest

Asking too much lower your price :astonished:

Lowering price

I can go to 600.

Woud you be willing to trade? I have:

Nokian Gazzalodi 24x3" Tire(Almost new with plenty of tread)
24x3" Slimed DH Tube w/rim tape
Alex DX32 24" Rim(Powder coated Yellow)
DT Champion Black Stainless Spokes
Profile Hub
170mm Profile Cranks(Powdercoated Black)
Profile Bearings
DK Iron Cross Pedals(sealed)
Bedford black 3" frame with yellow flames(Brake bosses included)
Bedford small BC Plates

I’d be willing to trade you this hardcore muni setup and bc plates above straight across for the nimbus, tube and case. You can even keep the non-touring saddle to complete the Muni. Think about it. I have pics too.


Not looking for a trade.

too much man, cant you get them new for that much???

used is used…

Letting it go

I have to sell this uni .I will take 500. Anyone in the area of central New Jersey willing to pick it up?

Still selling

The uni is still up for sale.Good deal for $500.00

hey, I’m interested. Is it ISIS or cotterless? What year?


btw, you can contact me at shermanator94@yahoo.com

I live in Northern NJ and will be willing to buy AND to pick this up TODAY.

email is ssagonas@stevens.edu

I’d prefer if you called me at 551-804-3554


Can you tell me why you are selling this for 50 dollars MORE than a brand-new model?

If you can give me a good reason why I should buy this one over a new model I’ll drive to your house TODAY and buy it.

But personally I see no reason why you aren’t selling this for more like 300.

If you are going to link to a unicycle you should at least link to the same unicycle, $575, $645 w/T7.

Granted, the new version has better cranks, Lighter rim, Nightrider tire; however, the one for sale includes two saddles, a bag, a handlebar. We’ll see what it goes for, and that will tell us what it’s worth, right?

The Titan is an inferior cycle is why. $500 isn’t an outrageous price for a uni with an extra seat, touring handle and bag. The Nimbus Nightrider (without braking surface on the rim) costs $575 new. The seat ($65 new from UDC), handle ($70 regular price at UDC, but you can get a red one right now for $35) and bag ($65 at UDC) cost an additional $165 or $130.

That’s around $700 of unicycle and accessories for $500. If you want to save fifty bucks, buy the Titan and leave this guy alone.

EDIT: jtrops knows what’s up.

To the seller: send ssagonas@stevens.edu an email asap.

What year is your model? How many miles is on it?
Also, where in central jersey do you want me to pick-up the unicycle?
If you email me your info soon- I might be able to pick it up today. The drive is kind of far, so if you message me before 7 or 8, I should be able to make it.

Note to others: I’m posting because I’m interested in buying it. I was just curious because it seemed as though it he was overcharging.

I figured that you might be interested from what you wrote in your previous post. I was just trying to give a little basis for why the price might be set where it is.

Good luck, and if you pick it up I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



This uni is sold