36" and 24" possibly for sale.


But with the KH fusion saddle that came on the '06 kh uni’s. This uni has done a few hundred km’s but is in really good condition.

Also one of the green Miyata 24" flamingo freestyle unis - excellent condition although the frame decals have been removed.

Make an offer on either - i am in Melbourne, Australia.


Pm sent

Max, how often do you check your private messages?

yo max, i want a 36", i live in melb also but id like a look at it in person, wanna meet up. by the way mr. ryan says hi (keeps mentioning that he taught you at schol, wants to know how your going)
let me know asap.
sms might be easier
0448 215 962
thanks man

Did you sell this?

i dont think he has. he hasnt gotten back to you or me