36" Airfoil Rim, worth the money for a noob?

I went for the Coker with Airfoil rim and UDC Wide Coker Hub and love it. I find it really fun to do MUNI with the Coker and like that I don’t have to worry about the wheel tacoing. So if you have the money and plan to do more than just road I would say to get the Airfoil rim.

Trondheim, Norway

At least now I’ll have something else unicycle related to spend my money on at the end of the summer.


the strength is in the rim, not the wide hub. I don’t have a wide hub. while i guess the wide hub would technically be stronger, and you had to get a hub anyways, you may as well get the wide one…

but you should see the crap I put mine through.

it’s the rim, not the hub.

Go for the Airfoil if you can afford it.
If you can’t then SAVE!
The rim is lighter and stronger.