36" airfoil rim and two old tyres (FREE!)

I have on offer my old Airfoil rim (original size, not the dodgy ‘x’ marked batch) and two 36" tyres - one Radial with tread cut outs, as used on my 24 hour record; and a bald Nightrider (tread shaved down, then ridden lots so it shows parts of the carcass through a few places)

Any or all of these are free to a good home. Courier prices within the UK should be around a tenner. Other places are fine but will cost more to ship.

The tyres may not be useable! The Nightrider is really worn out, and the Radial is fine for tread but has a slightly warped bead following a blowout during tube installation - I am not confident using it any more myself.

I just offer these in case someone has a project that might put them to use.

Any takers?


I would love to have these. How much is shipping to the USA?

Wow, quick reply!

Postage costs might take the shine off - I can find it being £66, which is $103.


Ahh well in that case you can let someone else have them. Thanks though.

I might be happy to have the rim. I wonder if the Nightrider ( on the www.unicycle.uk.com site ) would fit on it. The Airfoil seems to be 762mm, while the tyre 787mm.

I wouldn’t make any promises about fitting a Nightrider on an Airfoil rim. This is why I just want to offer them for free. I tried mounting my Nightrider tyre on this airfoil rim and the tyre was too tight. It would go on but it’s bead would not sit evenly in the rim all the way around, even when at full pressure and washing up liquid on the bead.

I have used this Radial tyre on this airfoil rim happily for several years though.


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