35mm Bullet time experiment.

I hope you enjoy.

Music seems to result in the content being blocked here in the UK…which is ironic, you being in Devon and all that. :frowning:


After submitting this the music now plays but with no video…go figure!

Thats strange, i just watched it and it played back all right.

Any idea why that is?

That’s awesome, i’ve always wanted to try some bullet-time effects.

It works for me here in Australia by the way :wink:

That’s so weird, I’ve just made a bullet-time unicycling video too.

Check it out:


Pretty cool videos. Next is to do it with twice many cameras so that it’s possible to circle around the frozen uni in the air!

Wow! Very cool. Can’t wait to see you do more videos.

The whole vid is blocked for me

Well done, but I’m not a fan of that editing style.

No way, thats a cool video.

I would love to use more cameras but film is so expensive theses days I don’t think i will have the opportunity.

This was also crazy time consuming and rushed but i had fun doing it at the end of the day.