33.3% grade Climb with shocking result!

Oops, ran out of time. The grade of the beach rail in this video is less, but still crazy steep! If you bail, go for the ice plant on the right! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky it was just my uni and not my car! :astonished: (Go to :27)



Third wheel build’s the charm! My LBS is so awesome! The KH rim pictured had a bad flat spot in it, and they were able to pound it back to perfect round without damaging it! I gave them a couple Jacksons even though they refused to charge me! :slight_smile:


haha i love how the KH rim makes the tire look huge now xD

your old rim must of been really skinny!

Have you hill-tested this new one?


I had JUST posted that pic, after getting home from my LBS. I was sitting here about to turn on the tv and BANG! And I wasn’t even riding it this time!!! Now there can be NO question. IT’S GOT TO BE THE TIRE!!! Yes, it was ANOTHER brand new wire bead 24x2.1 Kenda. But the sidewalls are flimsy and thin as PAPER! Holy crap this is INSANE! Btw, Morty jumped so high when it popped he almost literally hit the ceiling! And inside my small house you can imagine how LOUD it was! This sucks sooooo bad!

These pics were taken less than 10 minutes after the last one showing an apparently stable wheel.
I’m damn lucky it didn’t blow up in my face! Another possibility is the TUBE! They seems pretty skinny and light duty.



maxxis hookworm is a great tire :smiley:

Too heavy for what I need it for. But I just might have no choice but a heavy ass tire! I know they make a 24x2.0 big apple, but I don’t know what that weighs, or if I would have the same problem with that one too. This is just so frustrating! I’ve never had a blowout in 5 years, then in less than a week, THREE!

Geax tattoo is lighter wider 24inch tire

but its only 300 grams less than the hookworm

The 24x2.5 hookworm is 2.2 lbs, the tatoo is only 1.2, so it’s a full pound heavier.

DAYUUUUUMMM :astonished:

not as wide though, i bet it would be great for what your doing though :slight_smile:

I’m so gun shy now I don’t trust ANY tire other than what I’ve used successfully in the past! I can’t understand why a brand new tire would just blow out, just sitting there in my house! The psi was not maxed out, seated perfectly on the rim, rim tape smooth and everything was double checked this time just to make sure it was sound. But it made a “sound” all right! The sound of me not being able to ride tomorrow! :angry: :frowning:

I have a right mind to just transplant the cranks and pedals from my 24 to my 29er, and ride THAT up the 33% grade instead! But that would just be insane…but then again…:slight_smile:

i personally say its the tires fault, i highly doubt that you yourself are doing anything wrong because youve been around unicycles and other things for many years. I would get a different tire and try that out, and also im just curious but why does weight matter so much for just riding?

I thought that the hookworm felt pretty light and it rolls sooooooo smoothly that i can hardly notice the weight.

Thats just my 2 cents tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Stupid question, but I assume you’ve checked every inch of the frame to make sure it’s not getting popped by something?

IT’s rotational weight I’m trying to get as light as possible, for extreme hill climbing, where weight definitely matters. If I have to add a pound or two to get something RELIABLE, than so be it.

Yeah, no problems there. Short of an electron microscope, they’ve covered every square mm of it, top to bottom! Hmm, that make me think maybe the TSA could put those nudie scanners to actual good use! :stuck_out_tongue:

I beginning to think that what we have here is defective tubes, or at least tubes not suited to this particular application! All three tubes were the same, 24x1.90-2.1. But they seem very light duty and talk about splitting at the seams!


I got you there now terry :slight_smile:

If you want to reduce rotational weight i would aim at the hub and cranks next. It looks like you have some light cranks right now so your good there. If you really want to go all out you could contact olaf about purchasing an ergal mad4one hub. They are super light! around 280 grams i think but not 100% for sure. i would only use that hub for strictly riding with low stress loads on the cranks though. Im not exactly sure how it would do for extreme hill riding but from what ive heard from it is that its doing pretty good :smiley:

Then you could get a drilled 24inch trials rim that is lighter than the KH and that could shave off prolly a quarter pound. But this is only if you want to go all out and have the ultimate hill climbing uni haha


The cranks I have for this purpose are the lightest (isis) available, and the pedals are plastics and pretty light also. I’m happy with the [nimbus] hub I have and so the only real issue for me right now is whether the blowouts are caused by the tire or the tube, or both. I’m leaning heavily now towards the tube(s) being defective, or just too lightweight to fully support the tire at high psi. I found this article pretty interesting.

Hiya Terry, what is it that you need the tyre for - sorry if I missed it in another post. I’ve been using a ‘specialized’ 24x2 tyre on my nimbus muni rim for a while to do some road riding with - and I rather liked it. I took it off today to put a hookworm on - I wish I could mail it to you!:stuck_out_tongue:
Exactly like the link below except mine doesn’t have a wire bead.


Those look good, with firm sidewalls. Tired like these usually require levers to get the tire ON the rim, as well as off. The tire I’ve been trying, the Kenda 24x2.1 from UDC, goes on extremely easily, with tube inside it, and no levers required.

I think this is the problem; the tire is to large for the rim, and when brought up to high psi, the tube simply pushes the tire past the bead and POW! I recall a similar dilemma with a batch of 36er airfoil rims that were just a tad too small, making the TA tire (at the time) blow off the rim!

On the upside of all of this Terry, is the fact that the volume / audio sensor on your camera appears to be working perfectly. :smiley: