32h nimbus hub!

Simon just sent me this! thought some people here might find it cool :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool wounder if there going to be here in NZ anytime… Dont really like the look of the flanges tho

Rachael hinted at a 32h Nimbus hub to me months ago when I was looking for mine. I considered waiting till the Nimbus one was out, glad I didn’t. Those flanges look horrendous!

hehe, they kinda resemble those biscuits I used to make with the biscuit cutter things, and they were awesome biscuits… ugly flanges though :stuck_out_tongue:

aww its not very light.I want a light 32 hole cause i already have a k1 32 hub

Awesome! Flanges do look a bit ugly but its lighter than the normal KH hub ! I wonder what it would look like built into a wheel?


Ha, you guys aren’t satisfied are you. :-p

We give you a hub that is designed to produce an optimally strong wheel for competition and you whinge at the look of the feature that is giving you some of that additional strength!

The shape of the flange is designed to distribute the load on to the spokes in a more even manor than a plane ring. Additionally the hole pattern on the flanges is not random but are placed so that it will offer a balance of flexibility and strength. If the flanges are too rigid they snap the spokes and if they are too soft they snap.

Sorry for the delay in getting details out to everyone with more details of the product but our container with these in is stuck on the dockside due to Snow! :frowning:


It’s great to finally see a 32h hub. I don’t see what all of the fuss about the flanges is, but they don’t look bad at all to me. Once it’s built into a wheel you won’t even notice the wavy edge. For my MUni it will be fine, but for the more agressive riders I would think strength would be far more important than what it looks like.

The flanges look fine to me, they’re not that ugly as some may make out but it’s not totally new to me so it’s just ‘Cool’.

Reminds me somewhat of this:

If I were to build a 32 hole wheel set I would use this hub I think, I will build a 32 hole wheelset some day!

if/when UDC NZ gets them in I may consider it if Nimbus/UDC or KH brings out a 32H drilled rim

Why would you want a nimbus or KH drilled rim when you can choose from a huge range of trial bike rims?

The Hub looks great, I would love to build up a light 26" Muni wheel with a Light Trials Rim! Maybe a Onza Pro.

There are tons of great trials rims out there now.

The current trend is: single-wall with square holes.

In a way, a single wall rim can be stronger than a double wall because it flexes more. Yup, single wall rims are ‘hella’ flexy compared to double wall but I doubt most of you’d feel it. It’s a good thing in a way.

I would not be surprised to see something like an Onza Pro Diamond single wall rim like Edd is using outlasting a KH doublewall rim.

Now wait for Mad4One to make their 32h hub, come summer?

Because It’d be easyer for me to get. then having to order a 32H trials rims from the UK or something… and ones from biketrial.co.nz are a bit pricey. and I know I can trust nimbus and KH stuff because I’ve ridden then both of them for quite some time…

I dont think KH will be doing a 32h rim anytime soon, so you’d buy a 32h hub, with the idea of lacing a normal unicycle rim to it?
I thought the main attaraction of 32h was so that we could interchange with some biketrials rims, other MTB rims and stuff?!

There has been a 32 hole KH 29 rim for at least a couple of years already. There is a bit of crossover sales to bikes for the KH rims, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see 32 hole rims in other sizes if the bike riders have a need for them. After all there are far, far, more bike riders than unicyclists.

Main attraction for me is you can get way lighter rims which arent any weaker and they look alot better too

Yes Its the way forward with Muni and Trials! Lighter (and strong) Rims.
Lighter wheel and more fun.
If only a Schlumpf (KH tyre) can in a 32 hole!
My Triton could be lighter too and every more fun climb up hills.
Pete G… :astonished: