32h ISIS hub


I’m looking for a 32h ISIS hub, I dont know if anyone has this lying around. I dont mind the brand (except Mad4One)… pretty much that yeah… :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know if you have something!

Why no m41?

I used to have one and I bent it, the spindle is too small and not thick enough for me. The flanges are also too small and doesn’t make the wheel as strong as bigger flanges. I think the only option is the Nimbus though… Unless anyone got a Koxx-one that is true ISIS.

More data

UDC US has a nimbus 32 hole but it is 42mm bearing. It will not fit my triton or KHs.

What other 32 hubs are there out there? UDC CA has a 32 hole CroMo Mad4One but it is pricey… about $180.

Following up with the question… why not m41? Is the super small flange an issue?

I’m dabbling with building a fat wheel but the LM lites (Surly’s in gernal) are typically in 32 hole format, and the hub choices are rather limited.

Tritons and KHs are 42mm :wink: All ISIS hubs (exeption of the new Impact Frame) use 42mm bearings

I had the Cr-Mo Mad4One hub, 32h, I’m a heavy rider, it was used in a Trials wheel and it ended up bending. I sent it back to Marco, I got a new one and sold the new one.

Bigger flanges on a hub makes the whole wheel stronger. And as I said, the spindle on the Mad4One isn’t thick enough and I dont think it’ll survive under me.

Koxx-One used to make one…

I wish I could make my own… No hub out there is perfect for my needs… Yet!

Jakob, why not see of someone has one of the old blue Moment hubs with mangled flanges. You could make new flanges and weld them on. That would be a nice upcycling project.

I just built a wheel with a 32-hole rim on a 48-hole Qu-Ax ISIS hub that I got from some place in Québec and I’m happy with how it turned out. (And I’d be less anxious doing another now that I know how to calculate the spoke lengths–ask if you wanna know.) If no one coughs up a 32-holer for you…

Nimbus all the way

I had a similar problem building a 650B MUni and the - almost - only choice was the Nimbus 32H hub.

Not the lightest, but the better according to price/strongness ratio.
I’m happy with it.

M41 Cr-Mo hubs are sadly known for breaking spokes, and the aluminium ones are simply non-ISIS (and not as strong as Cr-Mo).

I am also temped about this. I’d rather find a “true” hub as I’m not sure my hand drill will be precise enough for that job.

Would this fit the bill? Looking for something cheaper?

Nimbus ISIS Hub (32 Hole)

I know Nimbus has a 32h hub! I was just looking if I could take one off of someone’s hands…

I dont want to spend that amount of money on a hub I dont really like. I dont think it’s as well made as a hub could be. I’ve ridden KHs and Nimbus hubs on my trials, the flanges are all bent! I was looking for a cheaper alternative until I can do what “jtrops” suggested, or machine a hub.

If I had the metal I would drill it for you and send it along. I have a nice drill press that would make quick work of it. 1 big hole in the middle, and 16 small holes around the edge, doesn’t sound too hard.


It’s a project I been looking to complete for a long time haha…