32h hub

Will a Nimbus ISIS 32h hub fit in a Nimbus Oracle frame? Thinking of building a 29" wheel that I can then swap out if I don’t want the fatty.



You need to get the right size hub. Since you mention swapping out the fatty, I assume you mean the hatchet, which has a 125mm hub. The hatchet and oracle 36er frames fit a 125mm hub. All other oracle frames fit a 100 mm hub.

the 32 hole hub works just fine : ) Either way, you’re using 42x12x22mm bearings, which are pretty standard for ISIS now (exception being impact) Just be sure to get the spacing between them right.

Thanks. I have a Oracle 26"x3.8 fat wheel in it and wanted to build a thinner 29" wheel. However you have answerd my question. The 100mm will fit it and if I upgrade frame to a Hatchet it will fit as well.


Careful !

Oregon/Hatchet => 125mm hub & 26x3.8/4.0 wheels

Others frames (Oracle/KH/QX/…) => 100mm hub & 26x3.0 or smaller wheels

Oh, ah, ok, thats not going to work then.

Hmm…maybe a Mad4One frame (http://unaruota.com/ZC/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_47&products_id=727 then? I can fit up to 3.8" tyres and it uses 100mm hubs. :slight_smile:


If you current fatty is an Oregon or a Hatchet, you just need a 125mm hub to build a 29" wheel and swap them.

The only requirement is that your new wheel should use the same hub width as your current one if you are planning to use the same frame.

Thanks for that - I’m getting there…