32" tires?

I’m getting way ahead of myself given that I have not even stepped foot on my 24" yet… but I did originally want a 29" and got talked down to at least a 24" to learn on.

I read a recent thread on 32" unicycle size, and that seems to be a size I might be interested in. I am planning to do 80% paved bike path riding, 20% on unpaved trails (not muni). The route is about 8 miles long. My commuter bike with the “wide” road tires work fine on the unpaved parts.

The paved bike trail near me is fairly busy and narrow, so I need something that is maneuverable and easy to mount/dismount, as I image I’ll be getting on and off a lot to avoid peds.

I was thinking 29" would be a good size for that, but I like the idea of the 32 (someday I’d like to try a 36 but I really don’t see myself riding that size on this particular path).

My question is-- I hear the only real “downside” of the 32 vs 29 is tire availability. Is that concern significant enough that I should stick to my 29" plan? I need a tire that is good for mostly paved riding but can handle the unpaved parts.

(If I do decide to try any muni, it would be very limited and I figure I can use the 24 for that).


The Nimbus 32“ tyre is good for most of the rides except mud

I wouldn’t get a 29" with a road tire, but with a muni wheel. the 32" which comes with the road wheel is very comfortable as a road uni and is a bit faster. Im very happy with both 29 and 32. As for learning, it is prolly better to learn on a smaller wheel first and then go bigger.

Learn to ride the 24 first. You need to be able to freemount and control it (steer). At the same time find someone nearby with a larger wheel uni and try their uni. Of course, you could try your luck and simply buy a 32", but you may or may not enjoy it. You’ll be sitting up high and that’s quite freaky the first few times. Plus, bigger wheels are exponentially harder to mount compared to a smaller wheel. You might be ok to mount it, (your longer legs/body might cope fine), but let me say, if you can’t mount it you may not enjoy using it. They are rarely available second hand and it’s an uncommon size.

I will say, if you get a bigger wheel, get a hub with an ISIS interface, because it will last forever.
So, get on your 24" first, be able to ride it independently and confidently, then think about going bigger.

Hey @BHChieftain. I have the KH29 with the big 3.25" tyre, it’s nearly 31" anyhow, who needs a 32"? It’s my favourite unicycle, so much more versatile than the tank-like 36" I’m forcing myself to ride of late. But as I mostly do on road and distance riding, that big knobbly Duro tyre is not well suited. Unfortunately there is no substitute road tyre that will fit the 55mm rim.

At your stage just don’t worry about. Ride the 24" and see where unicycle passion takes you. On road, off road, hockey, street, touring. There’s plenty of time to worry about the next unicycle when you know more of what you like. (Unless you are @Gockie, then the next unicycle is usually every month).


Sorry for the slight topic drift but there are big tires that are road friendly (usually marketed for beach cruisers and ballon bikes). However, they can be very heavy especially the noname cheap ones.

Here are a few examples that are not weighing a ton:

  • Surly Extraterrestrial 29x3.0 (https://surlybikes.com/parts/extraterrestrial)
  • Vee Tires Speedster 29x2.8 (https://www.veetireco.com/listings/plus-size-speedster/) [/LIST]

    And then there are some in the fatter side of the scope 3.5+ (see Vee Tires site) but your frame may be too small…

  • Thanks for the input everybody,