32" (Kent) wheelset

For sale is my 32" Kent bicycles based wheel.

Laced 4 cross, 48 spoke into a Qu-Ax ISIS hub. Original Kent spokes, rim, nipples, tyre and puncture free tube.

It’s had minimal use, maybe 150-200 miles before I switched back to my 36er.

Images are from when it was first built and in service with my KH frame.

Use with spirit cranks and a disk not recommended. Although it works, I was never very happy with the fit when using the required spacer thickness for a disk. Your mileage may vary - the application of more loctite may also help.

Looking for £75.

I run Spirits on the same hub. works really well. But you need thinner spacers than on a KH hub.

Remind me, is the Kent wheel double wall? And who laced the wheel? It’s been a while since I checked into the 32er thread, are the existing Kent spokes short or long in the nipples? Or do they measure out pretty well? Can you get me the outside diameter of the mounted tire?


The Kent rim is double wall and the spokes are just about the perfect length laced 4 cross with this combo. Before I did final truing, they were about a mm from the end.
I built the wheel.

The outside diameter of the tyre when mounted is about 31.5" if I remember correctly.

I’d rather not try and post this abroad though if you are interested and actually in Utah at the moment.

With the KH frame, I found I couldn’t really go with any shorter spacers or the disk mounting bolts would hit the frame/bearing holder welds.

Shipping probably would be pretty nuts. So maybe not…

I’m hankering for a 32" wheelset though…

It’s actually a pretty cheap wheel to build, if you have, or can get, a hub inexpensively. The stock wheelset comes from Kent assembled with tire and tube for about $70 (shipping included in the US).

Hmmm. That’s not bad. Do you need to go through a Kent dealer or can you call pacific directly?

I just called Kent customer service directly. (I think I got the number off the internet.) I recently got a replacement tire from them also. $25 total, shipped from New Jersey to L.A. Can’t beat it!

(Sorry for the threadjack. The wheel being sold here is a very good deal, considering someone else has already bought the parts and assembled it! I would buy it, if I didn’t already have one!)

No worries. If someone’s interested, it’s at least bumping it up the list for visibility.

My wheel cost me ~£100 imported from the US.
Add the ISIS hub and wheelbuilding, take off a bit for it being lightly used and yeah, I thought £75 was fair.


Thanks for the interest, this wheel has now been sold.